Real Influencers: What They Are and How They Benefit Brands

By James Robert- Apr 09, 2022 239

The latest trends in the world of eCommerce and digital marketing have given rise to the presence of so-called genuine influencers or real influencers. These are the direct evolution of traditional influencers. 

As technology grows in the digital world, so do ways to reach the target audience. Many brands have found that approving their products to celebrities is a great way to reach more people. 

Thanks to platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or other similar social networks like Instagram, Twitter. Influential people have sold or promoted thousands of products to millions of people. Now, it’s time for a new trend that will revolutionize influential marketing from here on out. This is a real influence or Genuine Influencers.


What are real influencers or real influencers? 

This new evolution of influencers is dominant users of social networks and streaming platforms. However, they do not sell the product directly but are responsible for spreading the idea or belief among their audience. After all, the biggest brands rent them out because they have a very high level of impact that goes beyond direct sales. 

In other words, these individuals are considered to be very real influencers. Because they are able to create trends and even change the mindset of hundreds or thousands of people. This is why they are called real influencers. 

A very special issue is how brands or organizations hired real influential people like the WHO (World Health Organization) to send a clear and direct message about the importance of vaccination worldwide. In the end, they do not sell any particular product, but on the other hand, they propagate theories and ideas for a specific purpose.


On what do these real influencers depend? 

These individuals live exclusively on their image and their personality. Their digital reputation is everything to them and they work every day to maintain it or even increase it over time. These factors allow thousands of people and organizations to carry a message. 

In order to promote digital marketing with these real influencers or genuine influencers, it is important to effectively choose who will be the influencer representing the brand. Everyone has a different profile and not all companies match what they are looking for. So it is important to know how to choose these. 

In the case of these influencers, it is important to know which organization they are working with and how to establish a relationship with them so that their policies and ideas cannot be betrayed. Over time, that is likely to change.


Differences between influencer and real influencers 

Influencers are basically identified by having a strong business profile and promoting a particular company’s product or service. They do this in exchange for economic benefits, depending on the amount they receive or how many followers they convert. 

These influencers use social media such as publications, stories, videos, reels, etc. to promote a product or service. They send promotional messages by selling one or the other product using their live broadcast on various platforms likeFacebook or YouTube. 

On the other hand, real influencers can be very effective for organizations towards that goal, carrying a message to their goals or helping to change a negative perception without selling products and services. 

The real influencers are not providing any products or services. They are going to promote themselves by identifying them with an idea, belief, or information. The most important thing in working with these real influencers is to sincerely reflect the values ​​they feel for themselves. 

This is why it is so common to work with real influencers or genuine influencers in branding strategies or when spreading corporate social responsibility. The important thing is to be clear about what kind of profile an organization has with its marketing intentions.


The benefits of real influencers for brands 

Genuine influencers or real influencers are dedicated to transmitting truthful information. They always try to provide highly valuable content for their followers on various social networks. This is why they generate so many benefits for the following brands:


  1. They work for different sectors

Genuine Influencers have played an important role for many brands and companies. Such as charities, entities such as the OMS, and companies from all kinds of niches. Similarly, these influential cosmetics have taken a central role in the market. 

For this reason, you see real influential employers explain the benefits of their products to millions of follower account owners. Above all, in laboratories, animals should be tested among vegetarian and sustainable products. 

It’s not the only branch where you see them do specific work because they can be used to promote sports events, environmental promotions, political events, and others.


  1. Information 

Tired of aggressive advertising around the lives of millions of people, real influencers create content that engages the user naturally. Lots of ads every day through networks, television, and other media are already protected by this type of advertising. 

A very effective and modern way for companies to sell products and services is to be truly influential. Because they promote or transmit the benefits of a brand through any activity, word, or valuable content and not in an aggressive way.


  1. Credibility 

You must have a large number of followers to be truly effective in terms of quality. But above all, build a lot of trust and credibility in the community. For this, it is important that the influencer remains stable and consistent throughout his or her entire career with a specific message or defense for the same reason. 

All this will have a direct impact on ideas and positions that are respectful of other influencers. True influencers are not going to change your mind in the short term.


  1. Improve SEO ranking 

Organic SEO positioning is the optimization of a web portal for proper use in various search engines like Google. A good way to build a position is through links or quality links from other websites, something called "link building". 

Through authentic influencers, a better position can be created if they use quality links and influencer marketing actions.


  1. Internationalization 

For many companies, being able to reach many more markets around the world is the key to generating more sales. They can achieve this by genuine or real influencers because they enjoy thousands or millions of followers all over the world. 

The use of these influencers is only a part of the whole influencer marketing. It is a device that can reach any organization and achieve the best results for engagement.


  1. Quality prescribers 

A prescriber is a person who has the opportunity or feature to send a message to the whole community when giving their opinion about a product or service. 

The real influencers are the channel subscribers who offer their confidence to speak for an organization and influence the behavior and thinking of their followers. This has a direct impact on the greater likelihood that these people will be potential customers.


  1. Humanization of the brand 

Having a brand image or voice as a real influencer will give the company a reputation and humanize the products or services it offers. 

These profiles help create a belief that the organization would not be able to achieve otherwise without the use of these influencers, as they give the organization a unique personality and spread its unique values.


  1. Improve brand popularity on social networks 

The use of influencer marketing gives very good results on social networks. Hurry up with lots of engagement and increase followers. It is very common to speak on behalf of these real influencers. For example, about the advantages of some brands of food, because in this sector they give good results in networks. 

And it’s a very powerful communication tool that’s real or really impressive. Brands know how to reap the benefits of digital marketing with the image and credibility of this "brand ambassador". 

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