Sales Strategies: How Inbound Marketing Can Help Your Business

By Gretchen Clarke- Jan 20, 2023 100

Sales strategies are defined as strategic plans designed to improve sales results. Through them, goals and deadlines for achieving a specific outcome are set.


It is no secret that thanks to new technologies and increased access to information, the growing demand of consumers is increasing. And for the same reason, the number of direct competitors is increasing. Thus, reaching the right audience and generating more sales is a big challenge for companies. At the moment sales strategies are emerging as an alternative to better results.


For this, companies need to be creative, not only in terms of customer acquisitions but also in terms of retaining them. After all, these two factors are essential to a sales strategy. Thus, inbound marketing emerges as an alternative to direct and strategic communication with potential customers. Furthermore, with it, it is possible to build a lasting relationship with the customers and make this relationship more profitable for the company.


Do you want to understand how introverted marketing can contribute to your sales strategies? We will help you! In this article, we have collected tips and information about the topic so that you can better understand this method and learn how it can make a difference in your results.


What are sales strategies?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, a sales strategy is a strategic plan. They are designed to set goals and deadlines for achieving an outcome, such as increasing sales and generating more revenue. In other words, a sales strategy is an attempt to close more deals so that customers can buy your product or rent your service.


Still don't understand? So think about this example:


A B2C company sells gift baskets and aims to increase its online sales by 30% within a year. In order to achieve this goal, the company will split this goal into smaller goals in a short period of time.


Sales strategies, in this case, can invest in digital marketing to increase the reach of potential customers, creating opportunities to generate more sales. As well as investing in customer loyalty so that they come back and become brand promoters.


Is it clear now? So the next step is to learn how to make your own from scratch to know the steps of this process. Come on?


1st Prospecting for customers

The first step is to attract potential customers who are interested in your business. For this, you can use digital marketing techniques, such as content marketing, SEO, advertising, email marketing, etc.


The important thing here is to identify the best channels for your target audience, where people interact the most and are most likely to convert into sales.


2nd Qualify leads

Once you attract potential customers, it's time to qualify. This process is nothing more than ensuring that lead is actually a sales opportunity.


Why is this step important? This is because it prevents the sales department from wasting time and effort on an introduction that will not actually purchase the product or service.


3rd Presentation of the offer

This is the victory episode. This is where the sales team must use all its weapons to close the deal and present solutions to meet expectations. Thus, in this process, it is vital to know the pain, needs, and aspirations of your audience in order to be able to offer products and services that meet these needs.


Did you present the product? Now is the time to negotiate with the customer and close the deal.


4th Sales Strategies: Loyalty

End of sale? This is not the end. Let's move on to the last part of the sales strategy, where the idea is to capture the expectations of the customer. By doing this, you will make this consumer loyal to your brand and so, in addition to buying other products and services from your company, he will direct you.


You have to go further, deliver more than the customer expects, and be surprised. In addition, it is important to show that your company really cares about him and is willing to listen and help him whenever needed.


How To Collect A Successful Sales Strategy?

To build a successful sales strategy, to achieve your set goals, it is essential to know your business in-depth. Because, just by understanding your actual market position, it will be possible to analyze sales, competition, reach of what you sell, also your team performance and the methods you use.


But beware! This study should be based on metrics and data, not conjecture. With this information, it will be possible to identify barriers and strategies that need to be reconsidered and optimized.


What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is about creating a set of strategies to attract potential customers and share relevant content. Such content is designed and developed for a specific target audience. An important point to highlight about this process is that potential customers will allow this communication, notify their communication agency, which could be an email, telephone, WhatsApp, etc.


That is, introverted marketing is a strategy where customers are attracted by the company's message and its main objective is to create qualified leads, resulting in a high conversion rate to sales.


The advantage of taking inward marketing to your sales strategies

The benefits of introverted marketing in your sales strategies start with the benefits that this method can bring. Among them we can mention:


     Reaching the right audience;

     Going to customers;

     The greatest power of persuasion;

     Shortening the sales cycle;

     Reduce customer acquisition costs.


Properly covered, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions. This is an adaptive strategy according to the niche, business, and solution that the company is offering.


Still not convinced? Let's get to the facts: According to Demand Metrics, a task management software company, inbound marketing generates three times more leads and costs 62% less than traditional marketing. A survey conducted by Marketing Group, a leading international marketing organization, found that the use of personalized email marketing increased the click-through rate by 14% and the conversion rate by 10%, a step towards introverted marketing strategies.


Another advantage of using the technique is the possibility to measure the results by mentioning all the advanced actions through accurate information. This type of information ranges from content visualization, lead, and conversion to sales. This can be measured by tools like web analytics.


With this accurate information in hand, it is easy to understand which actions are producing the expected results and which are not. That way, the company can always optimize the strategy to find the best results.


Why use Inbound Marketing in your sales strategy?

We see that through inbound marketing, it is not only possible to attract the right audience, but also to build and retain a lasting relationship. In other words, it is a method that is strategically present at all stages of a good sales strategy. This brings good results for the company. Furthermore, as we saw in the previous article, the use of inbound allows the measurement of results, an important element of optimizing actions whenever needed.


Finally, compared to more traditional strategies such as outbound marketing, inbound marketing has proven to be more effective in converting without the need for low investment costs. However, it should be noted that it should not be used alone, as an isolated tool, but in conjunction with other actions and strategies aimed at attracting and retaining customers. That way, companies will always be able to offer relevant solutions to their customers.


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