Social media advertising: Explain the characteristics and effects of major media

By Mike Reiss- May 05, 2023 37

Social media, which is said to be used by millions of people, has become a very important marketing tool, mainly among the youth. Social media advertising can be delivered to each individual using a variety of methods, so can be extremely cost-effective. But, since social media advertising has different features and methods for each medium, many people worry about where to place the ads. Understanding media merit is important when posting ads on social media. 

This time, we will introduce the features and benefits of Social Media advertising.


What are the benefits of Social Media advertising?

Social media advertising has many advantages for each medium. Before running social ads, it is important to understand their benefits and deepen the image of posting.


1.     High targeting accuracy

When users create an account on each Social Media, they tend to register detailed information. Thus, ad delivery can be targeted according to user characteristics. 

Apart from age, gender, region, OS information, etc., depending on the media, you can also narrow down your interests. 

You can expect high cost-effectiveness because you can approach target images that match your product.


2.     Strong in reaching potential customers 

In addition, since Social Media is used by many users, it is also possible to reach a wider range of potential customers. 

With the proliferation of smartphones and the improvement of payment systems, the trend of buying products of interest on the spot is increasing. Thus, Social Media advertising is effective in BtoC marketing and is expected to increase sales. 

Another feature is that it is very comprehensive and can easily appeal to other users by achieving actions like "Like", "Share" and "Comment".


3.     Lower unit cost than pull type 

In general, most Social Media ads adopt a billing method such as a pay-per-impression type or pay-per-click type. So it is possible to run ads from a small amount. 

Compared to pull-type advertising, you can start with a smaller budget, so many companies can easily enter. 

Since advertising and AB test content are easy to modify, it is possible to conduct them with an awareness of cost-effectiveness.


4.     Good compatibility with products for young people 

Social Media has many users, mainly young people. Thus, it is highly compatible with products for young people. 

As people are moving away from television and more and more people are using Social Media to gather information, you can expect a high impact if you use it in a targeted manner.


The purpose of the use is to maximize the impact of Social Media Advertising 

Based on these characteristics of Social Media advertising, how can companies incorporate them into their marketing systems to maximize their effectiveness? 

There are two ways to use Social Media advertising effectively: gaining recognition through campaigns etc. and acquiring lists through trials etc.


1.     Creating awareness through campaigns etc. 

Social Media advertising is effective in reaching a wide range of potential customers who may not yet know about your company's products. 

Social Media attracts many active users, such as those who use it several times a day. In such situations, implemented based on detailed targeting including campaigns and discount benefits, it will lead to sales growth effects.


2.     Acquisition of such list as trial 

In addition, Social Media is also effective in acquiring fans who use and purchase the company's products repeatedly. Social Media have functions like "Like" and "Share" for users to respond 

If you can successfully promote your company's products, you can increase the number of fans on Social Media. Also, you can create a flow that spreads from there and creates new fans. Measures that lead to high-quality list acquisition are also very effective in maximizing the impact of Social Media advertising.


What are the advantages and effects of the six major media for Social Media advertising? 

Since the features and specifications differ depending on the Social Media, the advantages and disadvantages are also different. Before starting Social Media advertising operations, it is very important to correctly understand the characteristics of each medium.


1.     Facebook ads

Facebook only registers accounts with real names. Therefore, it is characterized by precise and accurate targeting. 

The user age range is wide, and many users are business users, so it is also suitable for B2B campaigns.


Benefits and Effects of Facebook Ads 

The advantage of Facebook advertising is that you can start with a low budget. 

If it is a pay-per-click type, it is possible to start from $1, so if you want to wait and see what kind of impact your product will have. 

Additionally, because you can set detailed goals, you can reduce wasted advertising and improve cost-effectiveness. Many business users converge, making it the most suitable medium for BtoB product advertising within Social Media.


Disadvantages of Facebook Ads 

The disadvantage of Facebook ads is that the level of reach is slightly narrower than other Social Media ads. 

Since the target can be set in detail with the original name system, more users can be contacted, so it needs to be handled appropriately.

Since detailed parameters need to be set while advertising, it is difficult to accurately verify the impact without a certain level of operational knowledge.


2.     Instagram ads

Instagram ads can effectively appeal using photos and image content. Many young people use it and it is especially useful when creating product advertisements aimed at young women. 

Benefits and Effects of Instagram Ads 

The advantage of Instagram ads is that you can use different formats according to your purpose. 


      Product Application

      Promote your brand with carousel ads

      Appealing EC sites with shopping ads

      Measuring user response through questionnaire ads etc 

As mentioned above, you can communicate according to the situation and circumstances.


Disadvantages of Instagram Ads 

As a disadvantage of Instagram, compared to other Social Media advertising, there is a point that the dispersion power is slightly weak. 

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, it doesn't have the ability to easily share content, so it can be said that it's unsuitable if you want to spread the word all at once.

Instagram ads can be delivered to timelines and stories, but interesting content is ignored. So your ad should focus on creativity.


3.     TikTok ads

TikTok advertising can be approached on TikTok, which has many young users. 

It is attracting attention because it is easy to implement user-participation campaigns, etc., and there is a high possibility that it will spread quickly if it becomes a hot topic.


Advantages and Effects of TikTok Ads 

The advantage of Tik Tok ads is that it is easy to watch short movies. 

Startup screen ads can be implemented in 3 to 4.9 seconds, and in-feed ads can be implemented in 5 seconds, making it easy to effectively appeal to young people familiar with videos.

Videos make a stronger impression on users than still images, so the impact will be greater if you can approach them with impactful videos.


Disadvantages of TikTok Ads 

The disadvantage of Tik Tok advertising is that the cost of advertising is higher than other Social Media media. There is one point. 


      Startup screen ads: about $5 for 1,000 views, a budget of about $5 thousand as market value.

      In-feed advertising: Available from $3,000

      User-Participation-Type Hashtag Challenge Advertising: The market value of the basic plan is about $7 million. 

Thus, TikTok advertising is very expensive making it difficult for companies with small budgets to participate.


4.     YouTube ads 

YouTube ads can convey more information with videos than with text and images. 

Basically, you will only be charged if the ad is viewed without skipping. So if you narrow down the target and manage it, you can expect to improve cost-effectiveness.


Advantages and Effects of YouTube Ads 

One of the biggest advantages of YouTube advertising is that it can convey information that was difficult with text or still images through movement and sound. 

Also, with gender and old methods, users can be segmented by the user's preferred word, and day of the week, making it possible to search for users.

A person doesn't have to tell you until they've seen the ad, so you can expect more enforcement. 

It's easy to link to a company from an ad video, so it also has the advantage of being easy to convert.


Disadvantages of YouTube Ads 

The downside of YouTube advertising is that you have to create videos that will grab the attention of your users. 

If the creative is bad, the user will not be affected by the ad.

Also, if there is a gap between the goal and the video content, it will lead to a negative image, as people are afraid to feel uncomfortable. Video production requires more man-hours and costs than regular text and image ads.



Social media advertising can maximize cost-effectiveness by understanding and managing the characteristics of each medium. 

Due to the growing demand, many companies are turning to social media advertising. Competition is increasing every year, and being able to apply effectively is important. 

Using the points introduced in this article as a reference, let's try to work effectively to increase conversions for your company.