Social Media Influencers 2022: Why Are They Worth It?

By Gretchen Clarke- Mar 22, 2023 35

According to a recent survey, nearly one-third of consumers in the United States and Europe have admitted to buying a product or service because of social media influencers.


Not only that, according to Forbes, in 2018, 79% of marketing decision-makers are investing in influential marketing. And 43% of these decision-makers will support more than last year. It suggests that social networks work. And it works wonders.


Global digital statistics from We Social and Hootsuite in 2017 showed that 3.028 billion people worldwide actively use social networks. This is 40% of our population, and this percentage continues to grow with the development of technology!


Influencer marketing is not just something that companies need to do to be successful. It has become something that is essential to their business. For greater brand awareness, marketers need to invest heavily in influential people. A full range of products and services are available and you can find the appropriate social media influencers for each niche and department.


This post looks at different types of influencers and their marketing potential.


Social Media Influencers Review 2022: - Why Are They Worth It?


Who do we call this miracle worker "social media influential"?

People of so many different professions can carry the title of a powerful person. It goes from performers and designers to artists and YouTubers. You can be an influencer regardless of degree. However, the most popular type of influencer is called a social media influencer.


These people infiltrate your Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram feed. They trust followers who genuinely respect their opinions and recommendations. These are usually based on what they personally like and more helpful to the company, what they choose from different brands. And in most cases, these people can monetize their influence.


Social media influencers have the ability and persuasion to raise brand awareness and more importantly, people’s decision or desire to buy a product or service. They have gained their voice and reputation in the industry and are trusted.


They have the ability to do so because they are in a respectable position. They have enough knowledge and have built strong relationships with their followers and admirers. They actively communicate with their followers by uploading lots of content, watching live broadcasts, and posting various clips so that their followers can get an insight into their daily lives


Why are they worth it?

The younger generation has hacks for almost everything, including blocking annoying ads that block their YouTube videos or Instagram and Snapchat stories. This is the so-called ad blocking. According to some studies, 40% of the US population uses Adblock on laptops and 15% on mobile devices.


It also highlights the importance of marketing impact in reaching the target audience of a product or service. Since a large number of users block the company's ads, authentic stories and content from real people are extremely useful.


While social media influencers may not reach the top celebrity status or gain the same amount of fame and fortune, their fans dedicate themselves to their favorite social media influencers in the same way fans follow celebrities. James Charles, a beauty guru, social media star, and YouTuber, has attracted 8,000 screaming fans in central Birmingham. This has actually created traffic lighting problems and paralyzed the city.


Having this effect for just one meeting and greeting in a city, can you imagine that your product could create buzz among millions of people on the internet, say, James Charles advertises your product? About 14 million people follow him on his YouTube channel.


James Charles is certainly one of the most influential people on social media. But, you don’t have to find and invest in such a big name. With an estimated 10,000 - 25,000 followers, there are influential people who can do the same thing.


Types of Social Media Influencers You Can Partner With


Micro authorities

They may not have the huge number of 137 million followers of Kylie Jenner, but what’s great about them is that they have a certain audience. This means you can get a higher engagement rate because followers have the same interest and value as those specific influencers. The interaction of micro-influencers with their fans is extremely large.


They can inspire their followers better than millions of followers. In fact, did you know that 81% of Instagram influencers have less than 100,000 followers?


These micro-influencers are more suitable for marketing decision-makers because working with them is definitely cheaper!


Micro-influencers have many levels and divisions. There are so many different interests and niches on the internet, but fear not, you are sure to find an influencer for any kind of specific industry. These range from fashion and health to food and entrepreneurship.


Bloggers and vloggers

Bloggers and vloggers are usually loyal and highly engaged listeners waiting for their next blog post or video. These influential people are considered to be very knowledgeable in their case and their information is believed by the fans.


Neil Patel, for example, constantly discusses his knowledge and experience on his digital marketing blog. His audience believes his recommendation and if he recommends a tool, his readers will surely appreciate it!


Vloggers have the same audience and post videos of interest and recommend products to their viewers.


Getting involved with them is extremely effective in your marketing strategy. Bloggers and vloggers have a wide range of topics from travel and food to fitness!



These social media influencers want to influence others for positive social change. They use their social media as a platform to express their ideas on current issues, but if the brand has the same values ​​as this activist, the collaboration is very effective.


For example, Jennifer Nini uses her Instagram account to promote sustainable and ethical fashion. She has partnered with fashion technology company Citizen Wolf to promote their brand. Citizen Wolf makes morally appropriate clothing for her clients, and Nini appreciates it.



If you want beautiful visual content, photographers are great for your content strategy. Big companies like Canon and Nikon usually partner with these influencers to promote their products. They just post pictures taken with this high-quality camera!


This not only creates a stunning image but also proves to the viewer that the camera is of good quality and increases the chances of buying the product.


Canon has several Instagram accounts with which he works. Their biggest impressive venture was in 2016 when they worked with fashion influencer Jamie Chung, with 1.3 million followers on Instagram and 11 other influential people on the site.


It's a social media campaign that lets photographers get creative with their photos and showcase the quality of the Canon EOS M5.


It is a highly successful campaign that received 23,784,059 media impressions and 18,012,379 social media impressions. It’s an insane amount and they’ve just worked with social media influencers!


The campaign was also finalized for the Shorty Award, which recognizes individuals and organizations with great social media content.


Why worry sometimes?

As with the Internet, you must take security and precautions before dealing with an influential person. You can earn a lot of money by posting pictures taken comfortably in your own home so many people are attracted. So, many aspiring or social media influencers write fake sponsored content to get support for their personal accounts.


Also, these influential copycats can buy followers to show brands that don’t follow them. This means that brands and marketers will soon realize that engagement with their products is less than targeted.


While sometimes your influential partnership doesn’t work, there are ways to know if investing in influencers is worth it.