Social Media Management- How It Works In Practice

By Gretchen Clarke- Mar 17, 2022 340

The process of managing social media has become increasingly technological. And because of this, the platforms have been providing more resources and tools for promotion and sales. With so many platforms, publication formats, technical resources, and details affecting the success of marketing activities on these channels, managing social media efficiently have become a major challenge. 

In the current situation, there is a demand for digital marketers to manage social media and also among the highest salaries in the market. 

Unfortunately, many organizations still confuse social media with the person in charge of posting on these channels. This is a very common aspect of the role of this professional. 

Of course, a social media manager can take care of posting content and other content on different channels. However, it is the work of these professionals. 

In fact, its main job is to strategically plan the management of social media, create strategies of attraction, relationships, and conversions, and adapt it to different channels. 

It also involves monitoring the results of social media management and analyzing the conversion rates of the various activities we can create on these channels. 

To clarify the role of a social media manager, let’s look at the key issues involved in this process below. 

At the end of the article, you will find out exactly what you would expect from a social media manager, whether your business owner is managing your company’s social media or a digital marketing student who is particularly interested in this field.


Social Media Management


1 – What does a social media manager do 

First, see what a social media manager does. So that we can understand the importance of this professional in social media marketing. 

One of the first strategists to specialize in social network management, he first analyzed the brand requirements so that he could create strategic plans for action across different social media channels. 

This work has resulted in marketing plans on social networks. This will serve as a general guide to the various marketing activities that will be implemented across the various channels. 

In this planning, the social media manager should gather information such as: 

      What are the goals of the organization through social media;

      You want to reach the target audience and the personal key to marketing;

      Which social networks are most suitable for achieving brand goals?

      What content will be required for activities on social networks;

      What tools will be used in different channels;

      What tools will be used to measure the results?

These should only be included in our social media marketing plan. The details of other assignments will depend on what kind of work this professional is doing.


2 – Creating a social media marketing strategy 

Social media management needs to be systematic. This, as we have seen before, requires following macro guidelines, which are defined in the digital marketing plan on social media, but it also needs to be detailed. 

In our digital marketing course, we always say that randomly posting on social media without any clear purpose. Or the perfect number of followers and other vanity metrics that are a real waste of time and money. 

Thus, there is a need to create a marketing strategy for social networks, which facilitates the activities performed on these channels. Among them and even SEO examples with other digital marketing strategies for creating SEO. 

Social media management needs to take a more comprehensive approach. It is not just limited to the environment of social communication. 

There are basically three steps involved in social media for a digital marketing strategy: 

      Attraction - win the audience for your profile or page;

      Relationships - Build relationships with your followers;

      Conversion - Introduce your quality offer, product, or service. 

Brands cannot talk about their location and services in a “brochure” way on their profiles and pages. Since social media marketing is a relationship strategy, you need to make a commitment before trying to sell something. 

How to get it? Use one of the main pillars of social media marketing to create quality content to engage your audience.


3 – Main skills needed to manage social networks 

As you may have noticed, there are many technical issues involved in managing social networks. And thus, professionals need to have the training to perform this function that covers the most diverse areas of digital marketing. 

Among these skills we highlight: 

      Not just social networks, but the strategic vision of digital marketing as a whole;

      Deep knowledge of the tools you will be working with;

      Constant updates on the strategies and resources provided by these networks;

      Good training in the communication process on how to get your message across;

      Proficiency in copying techniques for creating high-engagement content;

      Specific knowledge of the means of payment, such as Facebook ads and Instagram ads;

      Knowledge in web analytics, metrics, and KPIs;

      Critical analysis of the results to monitor the results of the campaign. 

As you can see, a social media management professional needs knowledge in some areas beyond the social media universe. 

Creating a social media manager is a long process that combines knowledge and experience.


4 – Going beyond social media marketing 

As you may have noticed, social media outperforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. One of the key features of social media management professionals is their multidimensional training. 

In addition to developing a good Facebook marketing strategy or marketing strategy on Instagram, starting from strategic to operational role, for example, this professional needs to have knowledge in various fields of digital marketing. 

Earlier we mentioned SEO knowledge - website optimization for search engines. Maybe you’re wondering what search marketing has on social media. We explain it very directly. 

In addition to engaging the brand around and building a community, one of the goals of social media management is branding, its brand recognition. Want a better place to express your brand than Google's feedback pages? 

Thus, among the tasks of managing social networks we call SMO - social media optimization. The goal of this work is to provide links to profiles and pages in Google-edited searches and to achieve this it is essential to have a few basics of SEO. 

As mentioned earlier, social media management involves creating the necessary content. By creating interesting content you can engage your audience and build relationship bonds with your potential customers. 

So, when it comes to managing social media, professionals need to have a good knowledge of influencer marketing, copywriting and web design, basic tools for creating content, text, images, or videos.


5 – Labor market outlook 

As these digital channels have grown the most globally in recent years, social media management professionals are finding considerable potential in the job market. 

It has reached a point where during the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen a complete catastrophe in the way small businesses enter the digital immersion process. 

In the past, companies first created a website and then related it to social networks. What we have seen is that many companies created profiles on social networks during the pandemic and now they are creating their websites. 

Who will win with this? Appropriate social media management professionals and those who are somehow related to this field such as web designers. 

The only "but" is that companies are looking for and growing demand for qualified social media management professionals. There is no room for professionalism or imagination. 

So, if you want to build a career in social media management, take training in different fields involved, to get opportunities in this market. 

Here at FameNet, we offer several pieces of training in this area as the Management Course of Social Networks, Instagram Marketing, and other digital marketing courses, which make up the initial path for your training on social networking management. 

Social Media Management is an exciting and dynamic activity. If you would like to follow this career, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep this topic up to date.