Social Network Strategies: Generate More Engagement on Instagram

By James Robert- Sep 13, 2022 155

Join Instagram to create interest in your audience with your posts. Sometimes you may be asking yourself, "But does it matter?" And, of course, we can say that yes, it is very important. It is based on your busyness that you can measure your results. Because if they are not interested in your content then just having a large number of followers is almost useless.


Have you ever stopped thinking about how to create more engagement on Instagram? But before we explore strategies to improve it, we come up with an important reflection: Do you really know what engagement is and how to measure it?


If your answer was “no” to any of these questions, don't leave!


Currently, Instagram is the fourth most used social network in the UK, with 28.81 million active accounts, according to an August 2021 report.


Want to take advantage of this huge social network and increase engagement on Instagram? In this article, we are going to present some tips to help you. Want to know what they are? Read on!


What is Instagram Engagement?

With the rise of social media, an important word has emerged: engagement. Busyness can mean, “dedicate yourself hard”. But what will be the engagement on Instagram?


Join Instagram to create interest in your audience with your posts.


When we talk about interest, a lot is involved. It starts with just liking what you post, but it goes beyond that. An engaged audience participates and often other users participate.


Busyness on Instagram is basically measured by the interaction of your visitors with your profile and there are some ways to interact. What are they:


      Posting to feed;




      Carousel roll;

      Share the story;

      Send directly to friends;

      Published in the story;

      Send a direct message;

      Respond to elections;

      Answer the question box;

      Send posts with direct messages.

      Share profile.

      Send a message via Instagram Direct.


The Instagram algorithm recognizes these forms of interaction as "points" in the category engagement. The more points a profile has, the more the social network delivers its content. Both to its followers and to the public that may be interested in it, through hashtags and the explore function.


How to measure your engagement rate?

As a user, you may think that in order to measure engagement on Instagram, you should only consider the number of your followers. But no!


There are two rates that can be considered, but only one of them will give you real information about your engagement rate. Let's meet them?


Instagram Public Engagement Rate

The public engagement rate takes into account the number of your followers. It would be like taking the total number of likes of a publication and dividing it by the total number of followers.


You can, yes, calculate this rate, but compare what happens next. Because this formula does not take into account the actual engagement of your audience, as usual, reaches more than the number of followers.


For example, if you have 1,000 followers and had a total of 200 likes, you would divide 200(likes)/1000(total followers) to know the public engagement rate, which in this example will be 20%.


However, this is not as effective because the result will be higher than the actual rate, as you will see below, which gives a false impression.


Instagram's actual engagement rate

The actual engagement rate is the main indicator that is taken into consideration. The purpose of this rate, as the name implies, is to present the reality of how busy your audience is.


This is very effective because it considers your reach more than the number of your followers, then shows the reality of your audience engagement on Instagram.


Going back to the previous example, if you have a total of 200 likes on a post, to find out the actual engagement rate for that post, you'll need to divide that data by the reach number. If the reach was 2000 users, the calculation will be 200(likes)/2000(reach) which equals 10%.


Notice the difference between the universal rate (20%) and the actual rate (10%). So, it’s always important to value the actual engagement rate rather than the universal rate, because it will show you the truth of your audience’s interest.


Tips to increase your engagement on Instagram

Now that you know what it is, its importance, and how to measure engagement on Instagram, we’ve put together some tips on how to increase this index. Want to know more? Follow the list below!


  1. Plan your work

It is essential to plan any internetwork if you want to create positive results.


With Instagram, it’s no different. So, you can maximize the reach of your publication by planning what you will post some time of the week.


  1. Post at the best times

Posting at the best time does not mean posting at the top of social networks. You need to study your audience to know their behavior.


In this case, some tools can be useful when the day and time are presented with the maximum audience. Search on search engines and find out what is available in the market and which can serve you best. Another possibility is to use the "Insights" feature, which is available to commercial creators and content creators on Instagram.


  1. Interact with your audience

According to the Oxford Language Dictionary, interaction can be defined as "communication, conversation, behavior, communication between people living together." So be sure to communicate with your audience.


Most of Instagram’s participation comes from visitors ’interactions with your profile. So, it is very important to encourage this conversation and respond to everyone you come in contact with.


  1. Always keep an eye on the persona

It’s important not to know the days and times when your audience is the busiest, but to know them in every possible way and build content based on it.


For him, always keeping an eye on personality is one of the most effective ways to create quality content that your audience can identify with.


  1. Publish constantly

The key to increasing engagement on Instagram. This does not mean that you should post all day or even every day.


In that case, what determines the frequency of your post is the audience response. Post and see when you have the most engagement and post on those days so you run the risk of not getting your expected results.


  1. Create valuable content

It’s important to remember to keep publishing, but it’s not publishing any posts that will bring the expected engagement.


To get good feedback from your audience, you need to publish valuable content, which means you need to solve some of your publishing problems, even content that can entertain them.


  1. Humanize your profile

Humanizing your Instagram profile can increase your engagement.


With this technique you can publish your company day-to-day, even the simple fact of presenting a picture of the professionals behind the profile will help increase your authority.


This happens because humanization creates a connection with the public, which responded positively.


  1. Invest in stories

Instagram stories are recent on social networks, but they are already a favorite feature of many people.


According to Caltech, which collected data from Facebook, in 2011, Stories already had 50 million active users daily.


So betting on this social media function is a great choice if you want to create an engagement on Instagram.


How to explore stories to get busy on Instagram?

You’ve already seen how popular stories are among Instagram users, you’ve also seen how important it is to invest in this tool to enjoy its benefits.


Now, let us show you how to use this function properly to stay busy on Instagram.


Question box

One of the functions that Instagram offers is the question box. In it, your audience can ask a variety of questions, and you can answer them in person or in public, via a new post on the story.



Another work on social networks is old. These were also made on the basis of questions, but in this case, there are only two predefined answer options.


Multiple choice box

Like voting, multiple-choice boxes can be used to give objective answers to the questions you create.


This feature allows you to create a question and determine the correct answer, which will appear in green when the user answers.



This is a great bet if you do life or events in general.


You can open a countdown so that your audience can wait with you, thus creating a notification for users who want to take part in the event.


Provide templates

Another way to engage your audience is to provide ready-made templates.


You can answer screensaver templates or themes and share them in stories.


For example, it is common for Netflix to provide screensavers with pictures of their series and movies. In this way, he encourages the stories to be “printed” and his brand is present in the public memory because he will always be seen when he opens his mobile phone. Great marketing strategy, isn't it?


Create filters

You can make filters available to the general public. This could be a fun filter or makeup, for example ... whatever it is, whatever the availability of templates, it will ask your audience to save and in this case, picture stories with filters are posted whenever your brand is shared.



It is also possible to move towards a paid traffic plan, create paid ads in the story and take advantage of the more than 500 million users using this function. In 2018, there were already more than 2 million advertisers, which shows the success of the function.