Strategic Branding: Improve Your Brand With Influencer Marketing

By Gretchen Clarke- Mar 03, 2023 131


Strategic branding and image building are especially important for start-ups or when launching new products. Influencer marketing can also be used for this. Similar campaigns are most credible when posted by influential people. Often they have already created their own visual language or style. The world of values, lifestyles and the overall reputation of the influencer can be used in collaboration to create and enhance the image of a brand.


Influential personalities give the brand a face and products or services can be emotionally charged. This is why it is so important to consider the best possible match between the interests of the stakeholders and the respective target groups when choosing a collaborative partner.


The most used channels

Also to take into account before influencing marketing, the BVDW study mentioned above also examines the most important media channels. Depending on the relevant industry of the product being advertised, different channels are relevant. Even if new ones are constantly added and bring with them innovative marketing opportunities, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter are among the most important channels.


Platforms in comparison

As a rule, several channels are used simultaneously for a campaign, on the one hand, to increase the range and so to deal with different target groups as needed. The best results can be achieved with content suitable for the respective possibilities of the platform:


     Facebook: Image posts with short text as well as video posts have now gained importance. There are different types of content options - product placement, new products, and reviews.


     Youtube: The platform is one of the first to be used for effective marketing. Short videos can be used in a variety of ways and offer multimedia options when creating content. Product reviews, product presentations, explanatory videos, tutorials, or unboxing posts are possible formats here.


     Instagram: Here the aesthetics of the image are calculated above all other criteria. In the meantime, the content can also be conveyed via small moving image sequences. The temporary takeover of the company's Instagram channel by product placement, lookbook, or influencer is a suitable marketing option here.


     Twitter: Twitter accounts are especially effective for spreading new products or innovations. Creativity is counted when using limited characters. You can also be notified of competitions or challenges via Twitter. Another possibility is the targeted use of so-called trending hashtags to create more reach for your own campaign.


     Snapchat: Limited-time video content is best suited for interactive campaigns like contests or sweepstakes. Storytelling can also be used here when creating content for authentic contributions.


     TikTok: Short video sequences are suitable for product placement but also for more creative content such as participatory campaigns or competitions. Also in the early playback clips, other fields such as sports, gaming, food, and travel are now presented for fashion and beauty.


Different payment models

When working with influencers, there are different payment models. On the one hand, products or services can be made available for free. It can then be presented, evaluated or definitely, a contribution recommended. In the travel sector, it is common to invite influential people from different companies and pay for free flights, accommodation, or other travel offers in return for contributions.


Also, contracted financial grants or explicitly regulated payments are an option.


The most important evaluation criteria

The authenticity of an influencer contributes significantly to the success of a campaign. However, there are other reasons to consider.


What range is required

For a long time, reaching or numbering followers was the most important criterion for selecting a suitable influencer. But, this point should always be considered related to the target group being targeted. The trend is now evolving away from the public towards targeted addresses through micro-influencers or messenger apps. There are several reasons for this:


Prominent individuals typically have already entered into cooperation agreements with a number of companies, resulting in a loss of credibility, exclusiveness, and ultimately credibility. The so-called micro-influencers can score very accurately and reach a general marketing measure widely through their target group-relevant networking. By networking across different platforms, it is possible to mention the contribution of other channels to reach a wider audience.


Basically, recommendations and product reviews can already be counted as effective marketing contributions. Customer reference will be a special form of effective marketing. Using a well-planned dosage, it is possible to push such contributions to the target and implement them in collaboration with micro-influencers.


B2B or B2C

Also, the variety of influencers also plays a role in whether marketing measurements will be used in B2B or B2C areas. Business, professional skills, and competencies are much more important than marketing systems with end consumers. Influential people in the industry do not necessarily have to be known to the general public. Here it is above all professional reputation, that the authority counts. In the B2B area, other channels such as Professional Network (LinkedIn) may be interested in strategic campaigns.


In marketing for end customers, on the other hand, passion and empathy are the most important criteria for building trust. Prominent personalities, but little-known bloggers and those who work as identifiable statistics can be used successfully here.


The monetary value of a post


The value of a single blog post by an influencer depends on the complex process and the myriad criteria considered. Different analysis tools can be used to measure success. Interaction and customer feedback can also help reach a conclusion. Success does not necessarily mean higher sales statistics in the first place, but more brand awareness, more followers, or interaction with the desired target group on your own social media channels.


How much money to invest in collaboration, on the other hand, depends on the level of awareness of the influencer. Here the number of followers is the main criterion for paying for a post.


The Limits of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing success stands and falls with the reputation and credibility of selected partners. Some specifications may be contracted or a specific exclusivity may be agreed upon. Yet, there are always unexpected situations that scratch the loyalty of influential people.


Trends become much more dynamic and with them, new interests are created and new personality influences are acquired - others become less attractive. This process is difficult to control or predict. The more diverse a person is in the media, the more likely he or she is to be disrespected or polarized.


A narrow walk between authenticity and confidential advertising

The authenticity of most Instagram accounts is now being verified anyway. Many consumers today are aware that beautiful pictures do not have much in common with reality. Even if the influencers initially bought their fan base with aesthetically staged pictures of their daily lives and made no money in the process, the truth was staged.


There are now very clear rules for paying influential people. Relevant content is subject to a legal label obligation. Depending on what the collaboration looks like (product is provided for free/own purchase, target product placement / not product focus), different rules apply. Meanwhile, companies that do not comply with the conditions are also being fined. Attribution requirements are the biggest hurdle that can raise questions about the authenticity of a post through a simple hashtag.


The speed at which influencers can develop through maximum reach in marketing can develop both positively and negatively. The better the influential and target group fits together, the more likely a campaign is to succeed.