Telegram Ads: How To Use It Effectively In Your Business?

By James Robert- Jan 18, 2023 113

The use of telegram advertising goes hand in hand with the popularity of online people. It is a unique platform of Russian origin that has been acquired in the world of communication. Faced with the latest Facebook Inc server crashes affecting WhatsApp, Instagram, etc., many companies have gained prominence.


One of the biggest gains in recent years has been the telegram. Even Republican candidate Donald Trump's ban on posting on social media has led to millions of telegram followers following him. With this, Telegram Ads started using a new way of communicating through advertisements.


Brands and businesses are starting to use telegram ads as a way to get to less densely populated areas. And this way you can reach your potential customers better.


Telegram advertising


Telegram is a messaging application like WhatsApp or Signal. It allows people to communicate through text messages, video exchanges, audio notes, calls, or even video calls. It may look very similar to its main competitor, but the fact is that it handles other important aspects such as:


     Telegram is cross-platform and can be downloaded from any user device.

     Telegram ads may be used on one device without having previously been downloaded to another device.

     It contains an application that allows you to use Telegram through a web page without having to download the application.


You only need to have an active phone number to use Telegram Ads. And if you want to register in that application, a text message will come to that number to confirm the registration.


Use Telegram Ads: Data speaks for itself


The Telegram application recently surpassed 500 million users worldwide. While not known as a competitor to Facebook Inc., it has a well-established active user base around the world. For this reason, telegram ads have become a very popular way for brands to reach the target audience.


For different brands, using Telegram advertising is a powerful marketing channel. It works not only to establish close contact with your target audience but also to increase sales, improve customer focus and increase web traffic.


Telegram is much cheaper in terms of data consumption than its WhatsApp counterpart. In a study carried out, out of 100 messages sent, 100 messages received, 50 images received and 20 sent, 3.74 MB was consumed. For its part, WhatsApp consumed almost double this amount of data, 7.5 MB.


This is a very important issue when using telegram advertising for any future marketing and advertising strategy. Being cheap, it makes a perfect lens for companies that don't want to invest a lot of money.


The relevance of using telegram advertising in corporate marketing


The telegram now has functions related to commercial activity. The ability to create public channels gives it an important potential that other applications in the current market do not have. This is why using telegram advertising is so important today.


Any user or company can create a channel and create a whole community of people who want to participate in brand communication. For companies, this is a unique opportunity to introduce their products or services to interested people.


Tips for using Telegram Ads as a marketing tool


If you want to get the most out of your messaging app, here are some tips that can be very helpful for this purpose:


1.    Public channels for greater visibility


With 500 million active users worldwide, the percentage of people who can start a public channel on Telegram is almost infinite. Through these channels, important information about a company's products and services can be transmitted. It will be the main means of communication between the customer and the brand.


2.    Take advantage of bots to improve user experience and customer service


Being able to use telegram advertising increases the chances of communicating with the target audience. This is where bots come in because it is almost impossible to be aware of all the messages that enter your inbox. Bots can be configured to answer specific, random questions on any topic.


This significantly reduces the response time of each user to the telegram. Keep in mind that a well-managed and modified bot can easily make a sale. You are advised to work this technique well for the best results.


3.    Don't just focus on products and services


Messages will reach widely using telegram ads, but you need to be careful not to be aggressive with the content you send as they can tire the target audience. You need to make sure that the content shown in the advertisement is of interest to the viewers.


4.    Survey channels


It is important to conduct a survey to know the tastes and interests of the people in a telegram channel. It helps to provide relevant information about the behavior of the target audience. Through surveys, you get a more realistic idea of the buyer you work with.


5.    Build customer loyalty


Having good customer service on these channels will increase your chances of generating visits and building customer loyalty. Using telegram ads will increase the number of messages received and thus having a good service with replies is essential to meet the needs of the customers.


Use Telegram Ads: how to create ads


It was only in 2020 that it was announced that Telegram's platform would have the use of Telegram advertising to expand the reach and reach of advertising. These ads were intended to be viewed on various channels for human interaction.


The idea is to use Telegram ads only on public channels and not on private channels, as this could harm the application. Although the announcements in Telegram already existed thanks to the participation of third-party companies, the same application now provides an easier and more practical way to use them.


To create ads you just have to follow the following steps:


     Log in and click on "Create ad"

     Customize the message or use a predefined Telegram template.

     Complete all data like title, copy, etc.

     Set the CPM or (Cost per thousand). The minimum that can be entered for a sponsored message is $2.

     Set your campaign budget. The message will be displayed until the budget is spent.


Advertising in Telegram ads: aspects to consider


Among the main innovations that use Telegram Ads funding are the following:


1.    Monetization


It has been established that all advertisements made on the Telegram platform will benefit. But, Telegram founder Pavel Duvov said they would share the benefits with the administrators of the channels where the ads were displayed. This is after the trial time has elapsed.


2.    It is administered from the same platform


It will be the same telegram platform that will be used to manage, control and correct everything related to the use of telegram ads in the future. This is progress because everything will be centralized in one place to maintain these ads.


3.    Sponsored messages


The format that will be used to create the telegram ad is the sponsored message. Maximum 160 characters allowed and will be shown on channels of more than 1000 people at a time. The same message will be shown across channels and will not be customized.


4.    Non-intrusive advertising: use Telegram Ads


This is what the Telegram wanted from the beginning. Telegram advertising is not intrusive at all. The ad will appear in the form of a message on the public channel. From the application, they report that Telegram ads will not appear in private chats or private groups.


5.    The option to go back to using Telegram announcements

Telegram reported that ads displayed on its platform could be removed at any time. The possibility of making a paid version without advertising has also been announced.


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