The 9 Best Social Media Tools For Your Business

By James Robert- Jan 11, 2023 126

The world of social media has turned into a jungle. With so many apps, new trends, and more, this busy place is getting more and more crowded every day.


This leads to more opportunities for exploitation and of course more business. So, every online business is trying to make social media enjoyable. But to do it smoothly, you need to get the right social media tools for business. Tool marketers can't live without it. The list goes on and on.


As a marketer, the roles are different - advertising, customer experience, social media marketing, and more. So, you may need them for different purposes, such as:


     Content curation

     Post scheduling


     Tools to increase the effectiveness


What do you need to explore in a social media tool?


Major social media tools should have these key features to get the best out of marketing experts and others.


Saving Time - The ultimate goal is to save time. Marketing social media tools are used to automate the process and make everything flawless and fast without shortcuts but effectively.


Easy to use - No one likes complexity and having a clean social media tool is essential. It should be easy to use so that everyone on your team can feel comfortable with the features.


Keep an organized space - to maintain and avoid clutter, you need to invest in tools that make things look right.


Now, let's research the tools at your fingertips:


1.    Buzzsumo


It is the most popular social media for marketers and influential people. Buzzsumo has made a lot of noise to discover the most shared content and the best influencers. Among its flawless features, one can find the content at the top of the search list.


This tool works great for expanding your content strategy and winning your social media games because you know what kind of content viewers like the most.


In the case of old gold, this toolkit can prove you right. It’s a complete arsenal for creating exciting topics and stories that generate traffic and leads.


2.    Lightroom


Now come to the picture, we know the picture of social media is everything. Instagram initially topped the charts for hilarious photos. Facebook and Pinterest are no exception. Lightroom is a great tool to help organize and edit photos You can work around your theme and choose one from presets.


This is another simple and easy-to-use editing app for displaying gorgeous brand photos. With no experience or experience, this app comes with a flawless multimedia option to get you an editing wizard. It is available for both mobile and desktop devices.


Hall's lightroom preset is one of the mysteries of many eye-catching photos on Instagram. No wonder it is a favorite tool of bloggers.


3.    Buffer


Buffer's social media tools work on the principle of helping small businesses start and grow. And it does.


It follows a method of being transparent with marketers and bloggers in the most intuitive way. It is the most affordable and authentic social media tool that plans campaigns. Ideally, it works in these 4 steps--







This is a great tool for speeding up your social media plan. The icing on the cake is something that makes it so popular - it allows you to respond to comments twice as fast with labels and keyboard shortcuts. You can track and analyze your engagement and reach out as well.


4.    Canva


If you are a marketer, blogger, or just a small business owner, you must have used or heard of Canvas. This is an easy-to-use graphic design website for creating custom graphics for your business, social media account, and marketing. What it does is exceptional and with excellent results.


The Canvas website is packed with many free templates for choosing and designing your brand strategy with great graphics. From Instagram banners to Instagram stories to Twitter posts, this is the place to get it all.


For starters, if it seems interesting to plan a banner and create visuals from scratch, hand-on templates can work just as well. Hiring a graphic designer is a great option if your team can adapt to the canvas to create stunning graphics.


It's a free social media toolkit, but you can upgrade the plan whenever you need.


5.    Later


If you want to schedule your social media posts, don't miss the next app. It allows you to plan and schedule your social media posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It's a simple drag and drops feature that lets you schedule and schedule posts on the calendar.


You can easily map your posts and check the feed search in advance if the aesthetics of the feed is something that is important to you, but the next one is for you.


Also, you can find the best time to post and the most relevant hashtags to use


This is a new-age social media scheduling tool for planning, editing, and tracking the performance of your posts with hassle-free analysis.


When you look at the social media planning tool, it's over. It works well as a website and an app on the go.


6.    Animoto


What is online life without video? Videos are the future of social media in terms of audience spending. So, having a social media tool for video is essential.


Animoto is an effortless marketing video curation tool. It's incredibly easy to use and it's a challenging undertaking to convert video clips and photos into professional videos, but Animoto fills the void by making it a child's play.


Amazingly, make a difference in the lives of your listeners with gorgeous templates, stock music, and easy-to-insert text overlays. And now, this tool can be your new best friend to get the most out of


It's free, but you can upgrade to get lots of features at your fingertips. Really own your videos by experimenting with the most intuitive design features and improving your business strategy through inspiring videos.


7.    Unsplash


Social media is becoming huge. With so many types of content at their fingertips, it can be difficult for marketers to reach their target audience with accessible content. But it's up to you to make your social media feed lean and straightforward.


Unsplash has everything to help with design, video, and photography. For this, social media marketers are almost looking for the best place for professional-looking photos. Unsplash is a term among social media marketers that instantly enhances the image and gives the content a professional look.


8.    Feedly


The social media tools for businesses are plentiful and one that also needs a shoutout is Feedly.


As a marketer, if you are looking for a website or an app like this, this is great for keeping your ideas right. It is also suitable for content creation.


It has a buffer publishing integration, which allows you to publish content directly from the Feedly dashboard.



9.    Repost


Social media is a place to build relationships that are lasting and maintain a healthy bond. Here, the promise of content is widely appreciated. Repost is an app that strengthens relationships by sharing content and giving credit. Brands or companies can use this app to create a story through user-created content.


Protecting customer relationships and maintaining brand value is the ultimate goal of any business and this tool creates a positive experience.