The Impact of Influencer Marketing and warnings for companies!

By James Robert- Aug 22, 2023 26

The influence of social media on the decision-making process of purchasing products and services is immeasurable. The influence of influencers using social media as their playing field is now increasing.


And influencer marketing has become a marketing method that cannot be ignored. But there are cases where both the requesting company and the requested influencer are not well informed and end up in failure.


So, in this article, we will tell you the effects of influencer marketing and the reasons why influencer marketing fails. We hope you read it to the end and use it to achieve results with influencer marketing.


What is influencer marketing?


Influencer marketing is a marketing method that transmits information about companies and products through influencers.


Influencer marketing is an initiative where a company asks influencers to advertise and influencers promote their products and brands through their social accounts. This results in increased company and brand name recognition and increased sales of their products.


Advantages and disadvantages of influencer marketing


Influencer Marketing Benefits

Reduce advertising costs

Compared to advertising on TV or in magazines, influencer marketing has a major advantage of lower advertising costs.


Additionally, since it is recommended by known influencers, the advertising feeling is reduced and it is easy for users to adopt.


More acceptable to users than conventional advertising

One of the benefits of influencer marketing is that you can push your product to users without them thinking of advertising


Since many users see a lot of online advertising and have a negative perception of corporate advertising, if the information is from an influencer who is familiar with it, it may seem like a normal post. You can let users see your products and services.


Thus, users who skip, skip or hide ads may still be able to see them.


Enables highly accurate targeting

There are many influencers who specialize in specific areas such as fashion and travel among the influencers used in influencer marketing.

Influencers who specialize in something have many followers who are experts in that field.


Thus, by using such influencers for marketing, it is possible to easily reach the target group who are basically highly interested in products and services.

This is a very expensive marketing and advertising method. Because it can focus and appeal to a target group that could be potential customers.


Able to respond to various marketing systems

For influencer marketing, there is an advantage that you can flexibly respond to different activities according to your company's products and services, such as the following.


      Gift giving

      Site visit

      Product supervision and collaboration

      the ambassador

      Live Commerce


Thus, it is a great advantage that different measures can be implemented when expanding products and recognition through influencers.


Analyze user behavior leading up to purchase

Influencer marketing has the advantage of being able to easily analyze user behavior up to purchase.


Detailed analysis of user characteristics such as age, gender, and device used at the time of purchase.


Influencer marketing can analyze user behavior. It has the advantage that it is easy to connect with subsequent promotion and marketing applications and it is easy to get a list of potential customers.

Disadvantages of influencer marketing

It's hard to pick an influencer

There are different types of influencers. So, it takes time and effort to select people who match the PR content and company.


But, selection is the key to influencer marketing, and even though high-affinity influencers are difficult to find, take your time and select carefully to ensure the success of your campaign.


If it's hard to choose, you can ask a casting company to introduce you to the best influencers, though you'll pay a usage fee.


Stealth marketing risks going up in flames

Stealth marketing is the act of conducting PR activities for a product so that consumers do not notice that the post is an advertisement. It is sometimes called "Yarase" or "Sakura".


Steamer discoveries can fire both influencers and companies.

Even if you are not aware that it is a scam, if you PR in a way that is suspected to be a scam, that is enough to lead to a fire.

Thus, it is a good idea to use hashtags, etc., so that you are an advertiser or advertiser


Why Influencer Marketing Fails

Influencer marketing, if done well, can expand awareness in a short period of time and demonstrate excellent cost performance. In fact, many companies seem to be failing at influencer marketing. Why?


Reason 1: Influencers are recruited based on the number of “Likes” and “Followers”.


Just because you have a lot of likes and followers doesn't mean your posts are reaching everyone. Some followers are influencing products for men who are all women, some are of a different age or nationality than the target, and in some cases, the number of followers is fake. The numbers do not give a clear picture of the characteristics of the followers.


The number of "likes" and "followers" is an indicator that shows the influencer's level of recognition and popularity. But it is not a number that is directly linked to results. If you don't look at these indicators while selecting influencers, you won't achieve the desired results.


Reason 2: A small number of people have started using influencers

The primary objective of influencer marketing is to increase sales and to achieve that goal it is necessary to expand awareness. To that end, the key is to collaborate with lots of influencers, increase the number of posts, reach more users and create a sense of déjà vu. New content appears and disappears on Instagram one after the other, and the lifespan of each post is shortened. So, to be recognized by users, a certain number of "posts" is required. And of course, to secure the number of posts, we need the cooperation of as many influencers as possible.


Reason 3: You may not understand the cost breakdown when outsourcing

Outsourcing influencer marketing can be expensive because the agency takes a cut. The cost to be paid to the agency is calculated by the calculation method "number of influencer's follower's × value", the so-called "follower unit value". But each organization determines the share independently. Thus, there are many cases where it becomes a black box and the price is higher than if you ask the influencer directly. When asking an agency, you should check the cost breakdown.


Tips for doing influencer marketing

Choosing the right influencer

The most important thing is to choose an influencer that matches your image.

What kind of followers do you have and what kind of activities do you usually do? What kind of image do the world and its followers have? If there is a mismatch between your company's product image and the influencer's image, it can lead to unexpected antipathy or mistrust from users.


Also, it needs to be clarified whether the person is strongly educated or not.

It is also important to pay attention to whether the customer will like the product for which we are requesting a promotion.


Don't get hung up on the number of followers

While choosing an influencer, you have to care about the number of followers to some extent, but it does not mean that the number of followers is high.

Some of them are buying followers, so they don't get the impact they hope to get stuck in numbers.


It is important to identify influencers to solicit by emphasizing the affinity between the company and the brand and the influencer.


Build relationships with influencers

The success of influencer marketing largely depends on whether the company has built a strong relationship with the influencer.

Companies that just want to launch their products and services often do not get the expected results.


Instead of leaving the content to the PR company and the influencer to elaborate on, build a certain amount of depth of understanding beforehand so that the PR post doesn't match the objective.

By doing this, you can get more effective influencer marketing.



Influencer marketing has become a major marketing method in recent years. 

Many companies are incorporating influencer marketing into various media, so please use it to PR your products. 

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