Top 10 Ideal Tips To Increase Your Reach On Instagram

By Gretchen Clarke- Sep 11, 2023 26

There are many techniques that can get you more reach on Instagram and SEO can be used on social media as well.


Reaching more on Instagram is anyone's dream. Especially those who want to build a career as a virtual influencer or own a business that wants to grow on the Internet. But, aside from content that speaks to your target audience, it's also important to invest in SEO for Instagram. Similarly, texts for the Internet can be formatted to appear on the first page of Google. It is possible to succeed in photo and video social networks that evolve day by day. See all the tips now!


Optimize your profile

Before taking steps to gain visibility and increase your impressions on Instagram, you must have an organized profile, and most importantly: all keywords (main and secondary) are somewhere in your description.


The username should contain keywords for the type of business or market you want to expand. For example: If you have a bakery called "Well Bakery", it's best to have a username with both terms (business type and business name). Don't forget to include secondary keywords. But, in the bakery example, you can use 160 characters to insert foods that are the company's specialty.


Of course, we used a bakery example, but tipping can be put to good use by anyone looking to market and expand their market reach. Instagram 🇧🇷 The first step is to start having enough profiles for what you want to achieve. When someone searches for accounts related to the topic, you will appear in the top results


Use secondary keywords

Keywords should be used in different parts of your posts on your profile, in captions, and literally anywhere where it's possible to put some kind of text to optimize Instagram search. The biggest SEO rule (SEO, or search optimization in free translation) is to have a list of at least five keywords (one main and four secondary) and place them in all available places.


It goes beyond usernames and other profile fields with captions and even hashtags to help improve SEO for Instagram. The rule is clear: the more formatting you put into your posts, the more you will be seen by people, and the more you will reach on Instagram.


Use hashtags like keywords

Your profile is now organized with the correct keywords, both username and other fields that may contain words. It is very important that you also apply SEO rules for Instagram in captions via hashtags.


Thus, if you own a bakery and post a photo of a new candy, be sure to post hashtags related to cooking. It's also appropriate to insert hashtags like "#candy, #food" and more to describe the type of business. Rather than "reinventing the wheel," it's worth taking a look at what the industries you want to influence are doing to follow what's already working. But remember to always follow your plan so as not to attract unwanted visitors.


Captions should contain secondary keywords

The same procedure was followed for creating the blog. This also applies to those who want to succeed while performing SEO for Instagram with confidence. When you post new photos and videos on social networks, list your secondary keywords and try to fit them in the middle of the photo or video caption to increase the reach of the post.


Of course, they should not all be placed in the same position. Because it is very important to have natural writing, which helps reach organically on Instagram and also sell your products. Try to find a balance and avoid excesses as much as possible.


Don't ignore alt text on photos

Alt text for photos serves as an accessibility tool for the visually impaired, and these fields are read by special applications for these people. If you don't fill these areas — also at the expense of a segment of the population — you risk falling behind your competitors.


Put an alt text on a photo, it's very easy. To write a caption, just click on Advanced Settings at the bottom of the screen then select the option “ Enter an alternative text.


It is important to understand that the algorithm of Google, Instagram, and other sites that allow photo publishing works like a real scanner: when browsing a publication, it makes sure that all the necessary fields are completed correctly so that it can be further recommended. people


And the same rules apply to subtitles, hashtags, usernames, and your profile description. Always try to have at least the main keyword and some secondary words so that the algorithm grows organically as the post is read.


Track your metrics

More than investing in new strategies to increase your reach on Instagram, it's important to know your audience's response. You should know how your audience has reacted to the changes and especially if the optimized content reaches more people.


By owning a business profile, you can access a range of ideas. Not only do you know how many likes your profile and maybe each post gets, but where your audience is coming from and even when they're online – when you should leave messages scheduled to post.


Always make a habit of tracking your stats to see how your Instagram impressions are doing and what should be improved over time. Promotion is a cardinal rule for anyone looking to grow anywhere on the Internet.


Beware of over-optimization

Here, this short rule applies: too much of anything can cause problems. Even if you optimize your profile and maximize everything, it's important to remember that keywords (primary and secondary) shouldn't just be "thrown" into your profile. Because it won't increase the reach of your profile overnight.


This is what SEO experts call a black hat. Techniques that try to trick the algorithm are stuffing lots of keywords into a post, text, or any other field where text can be inserted. Imagine a text or post not "robotized" or made to be read only by algorithms as normal people would see the information.


Use short captions (and at least one emoji).

A study by a digital marketing platform analyzed dozens of posts on Instagram with varying caption lengths and the results were somewhat interesting. The first is that profiles with more than a million followers on Instagram had a greater reach when posting photos without captions.


Smaller accounts (with 1.000 and 50.000 followers) had more success when posting content with captions longer than 10.000 characters. Longer captions (more than 3 characters) are even accepted. But here it is important to consider whether your customers are the kind of audience who will read long captions. Before you put an Instagram SEO rule into practice, know the type of person you want as a customer.


Regarding emojis, the same Quintley study found that:


      Regardless of size (having an account with more than 10 million followers or less than 1,000 followers), posts without emojis get less interaction;

      Accounts with less than 1,000 followers were able to increase their reach on social networks after using captions with at least 10 emojis;

      Accounts with 10.000 to 100.000 followers had the most success when posting with 100.000 emojis.


Biggest Rule: No matter how many profile followers you manage, if you're going to write a caption for your photo or video, it's always worth choosing at least one emoji (and don't forget the word key and the other rules mentioned earlier).


Pay attention to how long your audience is online

The latter platform, which does professional marketing for Instagram, did a major analysis of 35 million photo and video posts on the social network made in different parts of the world.


Check after changes

To conclude our advice, it is very important that you develop a good SEO strategy. Also, check if the new habit is producing the expected results or if it is time to rethink what has been done to achieve your goal.


Also to make good use of Instagram's own news, it's also worth taking surveys through stories and even creating online forms that can be answered anonymously. Remember that also to focus on greater reach on social networks, you need to be a brand that provides quality content so that people press the button to follow your profile.


Why increase reach on Instagram?

The answer may be simple, but let's talk about it more broadly: the more people see your profile and posts, the more likely you are to succeed and achieve your goals. More than wanting to have a profile that can be easily found by Instagram users, it's also important that you set goals for likes, followers, and above all, engagement within a specific timeframe.


It is important to think that you need to invest less and less in paid media. With this in mind, whenever you have a profile you want to grow, be sure to invest in SEO for Instagram and all the techniques to grow organically.


Which of the tips is your favorite? Do you know any tricks that are not covered in this article? Tell us now!