Twitter Marketing: Get Started With Twitter Ads

By Mike Reiss- Mar 18, 2022 359

Today we want to talk to you about how to create ads on one of the most popular social networks. Today Twitter represents irregularities, what is happening in the world and what is being talked about at the moment. The activities of all users within this platform are analyzed and used to show their promoted content that is truly relevant to them.


What are Twitter Ads?

Twitter Ads is an advertising platform and is the perfect complement to an organic content strategy. Paying for your promotions and promotional materials will appear as ads to your desired larger audience. So on increase their exposure and visibility or encourage them to take a specific step that is attractive for their business or your strategic objectives. 

You can achieve many goals by creating ads on this platform, including: 

      Increase brand recognition,

      Attract new leads and customers,

      Generate traffic to your website or landing page,

      Increase clicks and conversions,

      Engagement and

      Share comments or stories on more important moments.


1. Your first campaign on Twitter Ads 

To get started you need to analyze and be clear about several aspects from simple to move, how to fully identify your target audience. And in detail, determining the budget you can invest in and what results you can achieve with it is the most complex. The idea is that your ads reach the right users within the platform. It handles as much information as possible and achieves your objectives clearly. This is the only way to advertise wisely and get good results. But, before you take your first step on this platform, here are a few things to do: 

Objective: Before you get started, you should know what your advertising campaign is all about. If you want more clicks, more interactions, more traffic, etc. 

Audience: You must also be very clear about- 

      Who is your target audience,

      What they do,

      What they like,

      Where they browse,

      How old are they

      Where they live,

      What interests them, etc.

Only in this way can you accurately identify him within the platform and thus he can see your ad. 

Budget: On this platform, there is no minimum investment in promotion. But, during its configuration, you must specify a daily budget for your ads. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. Because it is good to know how to use all the platforms and how to work properly. If they have a clear purpose and know how to achieve it. But even at the investment level, we cannot expect great returns with minimal investment. 

Creatives: Make sure you use valuable multimedia content in your tweets. Try to have 3 to 5 creative options when it comes to rotation, get a little different. Be able to measure KPIs and discover what your audience likes most. Creatives must have well-thought-out, planned lessons with goals and strategies to meet their goals and become stronger, only then will they be effective. Include a clear and concise CTA and add a few hashtags or emojis.


2. Types of promotional types in Twitter ads 

You can choose between different promotional goals depending on what you want to achieve with these ads. Whether it is generating recognition, increasing consideration, or encouraging people to take specific steps or convert, it will help achieve marketing objectives. 

- Generate recognition

Scope: If what you want to achieve is brand recognition then this goal is yours. It allows you to reach a large number of people, most of whom know your message, your name, or your brand. You can do this by promoting organic tweets or just create a new one for this purpose and you will provide 1000 impressions (CPM) per tweet. 

- Increase consideration

Video reproductions: This will allow you to maximize visualization and video reproduction across browsing platforms. Your videos will play automatically in the startup timeline. This led to many more interactions and philosophies. In this case, you paid for video reproductions (cost per visit). 

Pre-roll reproductions: This will allow you to increase brand relevance and match users' interests by publishing segmented ads before videos that users will watch. Here you pay for each reproduction of your ad (cost per visitor). 

App downloads: These promotions are targeted at platform users who browse from any mobile device because the purpose is to manage traffic to the app download center, where they can install your app directly. In this case, you have to click to download. 

Clicks on the website: The most classic and most used, it brings the most traffic to your website. These promotions allow you to present the content of your website. A powerful advertising feature that lets users preview a clean call in any image, related context, and activity. With these promotions, you pay for clicks on links (cost per click). 

Interactions: The purpose of this promotion is to allow more people to interact with your tweets. You can do this in two ways. You're promoting a tweet that you've already published biologically or created a new one that will appear as an ad for the audience you want to target. In this case, users pay to interact with your content, that is, for each interaction, not for each impression. 

Followers: It allows you to spread your message not only to your brand's audience but also on Twitter and beyond. But users who follow you, also viewing your tweets, are more likely to be clients and promoters of your brand. Here you will pay each recipient. 

- Conversion

Re-interactions with the app: For conversion purposes, you will allow users to take any action on your application. Ads will appear to exist users of your app to further increase conversions and loyalty. Also, thanks to customized tweets for mobile devices, users will be able to download or open their apps directly from their timeline.


3. Segmentation of the audience in Twitter Ads

Now, after you are clear on how to use the platform, know what objective you want to achieve and through which campaign to do it. Now you have to study how you are going to segment your campaign. 

Like all platforms for ad management, Twitter Ads has many filters and categories to reach your target audience and viewers. You can categorize by demographic and audience characteristics. This includes targeting based on the same followers, targeting events, targeting interests and conversations, and targeting the user, as well as being able to create your own custom audience.


4. Types and formats of ads on Twitter

There are a variety of ad formats to promote your content and your creatives, all very simple and easy to use. Specifically, there are 5 main ad categories: 

Promoted Ads

They are very versatile and can be used in many ways, for different stages of the conversion funnel. Also, they can be complemented with other standard or brand functions that we will explain a little later. 

They support

      image ads (single image),

      video ads,

      carousel ads (up to six images or horizontally scrollable videos, for storytelling through various visuals),

      moment ads (create, select and promote a collection of tweets that exceed 280 characters), and

      text ads (they are native and look like the rest of the content) 

Ads for Followers

Their purpose is to promote an account among a segmented audience, to increase visibility, recognition and attract new followers. 

Twitter Amplify

With this, you can align your ads with premium video content. You can do this through two formats:

      Amplify Pre-roll (to select the content categories of the videos in which your video ad will be published) and

      Amplify Sponsorships (to have individual links with a single publisher, and control at the level of the tweet) 

Twitter Takeover

To achieve the most massive reach and generate results in all stages of the conversion funnel. These ads occupy the top spots on the Timeline and Explore tabs, the top spots on Twitter, on both desktop and mobile versions. It has two formats available:

      Timeline Takeover (your ad will be the first they see when they open Twitter because it will appear at the beginning of the conversation as the first ad of the day) and

      Trend Takeover / Trend Takeover + (your ad will appear right where the conversation begins in the Explore tab, next to trends)


Twitter Live

With this, you can broadcast an event or something similar, in real-time. You can immediately maximize your content and generate conversations with relevant audiences. 

Twitter Ads Features

This platform also puts at your disposal some very useful functions that you can also combine with the ads: 

      surveys (interactive and attractive function, which allows followers to interact with the content),

      conversation buttons (they generate interactions and conversations through the use of buttons built-in and customizable hashtags),

      website buttons (to send users to a specific landing page),

      app buttons (link to a specific download page from the app store or play store),

      branded hashtags (add a creative element visually appealing every time the hashtag is used), and

      branded notifications (allows users to receive content directly from brands). 


5. Interpret the data of your campaigns 

Twitter Analytics is available to you within the platform. It lets you analyze the data in your tweets, sees how your audience responds to your content, what works and what doesn't. And after analyzing this data you will be able to optimize your subsequent promotions and achieve better results. You have different panels to see all the information: 

Account Home Page: Here you can see overall account statistics, your top-edited tweets, and influencers on your network. 

Tweets Activity Dashboard: Here's exactly how many times you've seen, retweeted, liked, and responded to each of your tweets. 

Video activity panel: Here you can consult your videos for more in-depth analysis, reproduction rate, and more.