User Personas: How To Define Them Effectively?

By James Robert- Mar 19, 2022 214

The best ally of strategists, determining personality is a necessary step in every strategy. This representation of your ideal customer helps you quickly understand what your target expects. Check out our top tips to help you design them. 

Whether you’re creating a marketing strategy or a communication plan, personal design is almost inevitable. This semi-fiction presentation of your ideal client can help you create relevant and lasting acquisition strategies. Let us give you the keys to its development.


Persona:  Its definition 

The marketing person or the buyer person is somehow the robot portrait of your ideal client. Your person has a name, first name, love life, family life, or even friends. They may have emotions but also things they don't like at all. Specific research allows you to create individuals.


The usefulness of personality

You’re probably wondering what someone is doing for your business and very simply applying a relevant strategy. In fact, if your personality design is smoothly executed and you know every detail about the next life, you will be able to address your customers more easily. You will also learn about the products you are interested in or your buying habits. 

Do not neglect the formation of your personality. Even if you are sure that you know your goal 100%, be aware that your information may be completely outdated. So it is important to make it up to date and with truthful information.


When to use Personas?
You can create your own personality whenever you feel the need. This is before you know who will look at it before designing a product or creating a communication plan, and when you create an SEO strategy, you can do it completely (if you don't know what SEO is, our article will help you). But keep in mind that it can take a long time to create a high-quality personality design. Consider setting aside some time to get started.


Who can make these?
Whether you are a self-employed person, an employee, or a marketer, absolutely everyone is capable of creating individuals. However, the great command of data analysis is a real plus of their design. As mentioned above, your best ally will be time. So, plan to put someone in this role with time and patience to build a quality personality.


How to create a persona as real as life? 

Set your goals

Why do you want to create a person before a creation? Understand your future communication promotion goal? Focus again? Or just find out more about her? It is important for you to know why you want to create people. This will allow you to know what information is needed in their design, but will also allow you to work on questions of interest. So always be sure to study your personality goals before you start.


Collect quality data for your person

When you realize the importance of a person, you are probably thinking about how to create them. There are several options available to you immediately. 

The first is to do your own research. In fact, you can monitor the behavior of your target directly via the Internet. By studying his behavior on social networks, often using keywords or collecting data from your website using Google Analytics, you have many tools available to you to get accurate information about your future. But, this information must be collected with care and you must be sure of the truth at the risk of getting a fake personality. 

If you have more time available and the resources you need, we encourage you to choose to create a customer interview. These interviews allow you to meet your clients directly and ask them any questions. They will let you know your goals in-depth and thus create a personality of ideal relevance. This type of maintenance still requires some preparation of the flow. 

In fact, first, you have to choose the client or potential client you are going to interview. Selecting exactly the same shopping habits, social class or people of the same age does not make sense. Because it does not allow you to acquire a diverse person. Also, don’t hesitate to interview cool prospects. This will help you understand why these people are not interested in your business and how to apply them. 

Second, think about preparing all the questions needed to build your personality. But especially your interests such as age, social class, and even the family situation of your interview. This will help you find the most out of your goals and how you can reach them. 

Write down all the feedback from your prospects, even if some of them may not seem particularly relevant to you, they may become in the future, so be careful about all this information. 

Finally, we suggest you conduct an internal investigation. Ask your salespeople or marketers what they think of the general profiles of customers interested in your business. This will enable you to complete and verify data already collected, but will also involve your teams in individual designs. Know that the more your teams understand your customers the more they will be able to attract them. Be sure to keep them informed about all your research and results.


Analyze carefully 

Your data collection was relevant and fruitful thanks to the extensive work. It is now your job to analyze this data. Re-read it first to get all your notes back in your head. Then start sorting through this information, see if they interest you with previously established goals, and observe emerging key trends. All this information should be sorted and easily accessible so that you do not get lost while maintaining your personality. So don’t hesitate to include these explicitly in the spreadsheet, it will create the flexibility to create your personality later.


Create a way to build your personality

You now have all the keys in your hand to creating your personality. After long research, you can make the format more fun. A person is usually presented as follows: 

It has been given a first name as well as a fictional name to give it more life. After that, all information collected will be entered in a very direct way. There is no point in creating large paragraphs, your person must be concise and highlight the information that interests you directly. In general, information such as centers of interest, frustrations, and even your personal values ​​are often present. Don't hesitate to add a picture in the end, it will not only make your personality more aesthetic but also more humane. This will give you and your team the idea that this ideal client is genuine and that you need to meet 100% of the requirements to reach them. 

Really think about showing your personality to your team. It gives them real goals and helps them understand your goals and how to achieve them in a very simple way. 

After all, no person is sustainable over time. You need to renew regularly because your customers change at the same rate as new trends. It would be a shame to offer you something that does not appeal to your audience at a particular time. 

Creating Persona is hard work and time-consuming, hire professionals to assist you in your design. 

As you can see, personality building is vital to your business strategy. It lets you know your goals better while understanding your needs and aspirations by gathering information about them. Creating a personality is a time-consuming process that requires some perfection. For this reason, call on the source so that we can create successful people together.