What Can Social Rooms Bring to Community Management?

By Gretchen Clarke- Jul 13, 2022 118

Innovation, diversity, stand out, being on standby to find new opportunities, these we find in brands and companies that use digital marketing and community management. 

A large number of companies are setting up social rooms, also called war rooms in marketing parlance. It is able to monitor various sources online or from internal tools. The goal is to observe everything that happens in real-time on the big screen.

Let's see what they can bring to community management:


What is a social room or war room?

It’s a room dedicated to watching, analyzing, monitoring, or even finding opportunities to find and retrieve lots of channels from the web or internal tools.


Social Room specializes in sending real-time information from social media, press sites, company CRMs, affiliate applications, websites, etc.


This information is visible on several screens that transmit data in real-time. Suffice it to say that this is a job that requires sharp eyes to capture accurate information. A social room is usually provided for the communication and marketing team. But perfectly, the people concerned can access it.


Sometimes it is essential to call an agency and a real expert on the subject, such as FameNet, to make sure you have the right tools to achieve and achieve your goals. Time and human resources can thus be externally committed.


An undeniable finding in social media

In the case of social media, everything goes very fast. And the way information is received as well as the means of communication with one's own community is evolving rapidly.


We have recently been able to address the interests of customer relationship management in community management through messaging. And tomorrow will become an internal lever developed by the brand and the company will be the turn of influencer marketing. They will try to achieve their own influence and through this become essential in their sector.


You need to quickly capture your audience and community. But hire them more so they don’t lose the ability to serve brands and companies. Visibility and image go through these internet users, who constantly follow the work of their brand.


In short: how to build a lasting bond between his brand and his community? You need to be present, be active, and not miss what is happening on the web. This is where the social rooms of community management come in.


Facilities of social room in community management

The benefits for the company are multiple for the brand. And in this regard, in order to look after the interests of a social room, it is necessary to start from the problems they face. This is especially true in the case of community management as we will see below.


1. Analyze your performance indicators in real-time

Although social media reporting is still essential within the company, it is able to monitor Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real-time through social chambers. Thus it will be possible to respond and re-adjust them, especially when needed.


Every digital strategy, content strategy, SEO strategy, etc. employed on social networks or the Internet can be monitored in real-time to track their performance. By distributing the dashboard from a variety of tools, including a set of screens, community managers can work in the center of the action.


2. Coordination work across the board

With the social room, the exchange of information from one service to another to verify or follow the action becomes almost useless. Every employee involved in a project, in the marketing or communications department, can work in full coordination and be involved in making quick decisions.


Its sector insights and information are both visible to all parties. This makes it possible to optimize the acceptable activity and reactivity of the components produced.


3. Ensure its competitive intelligence in real-time

It is essential for community managers to analyze the actions of their competitors in real-time and reflect on the key issues of their sector. To be a leader in your activities, you must constantly innovate, improve and never give up. Competitors are sometimes at the forefront and some have important ways of communicating or promoting certain activities.


4. Make sure your creative watch in real-time

If competitive intelligence is essential for a business, we can also increase creative intelligence. It allows you to get inspiration in real-time and analyze trending topics on which brands are bouncing. Newsjacking is still a lever that brands use during major events or whatever news we provide every day.


Creative Intelligence is an interesting source of trendy content creation and community management ideas.


5. Guess a crisis or a bad buzz

When working on sensitive activities and topics that generate lots of noise on social networks, it is essential to ensure their follow-up in real-time. By observing different locations through its brand, managed operations, and all related keywords, you can predict any kind of crisis. The goal is to be able to disable the various outbreaks created in the network as soon as possible.


To control the situation you need to be moderate, intervene quickly, and above all have the right elements of language. For a job that requires more than a community manager but actually requires one or more experts in crisis management. A lever on which Netino can also support you.


6. Observe influential people in your sector

The influencer has proven itself to work in a marketing company and brand image as well as visibility. Creating dashboards with key influencers in your industry allows you to analyze the job opportunities of your competitors.


Beyond that, it’s also useful to take inspiration from emerging brands. Or even from a company that will report an actual campaign with influential people. In community management, effective marketing is becoming a lever and it is being used to increase company visibility as well as promote products/services.


We still see many benefits of social rooms but everyone will be able to set their own needs to achieve the goal.


How to set up a social room?

The first task is to determine a clear purpose for the cause of a social room. Beyond that, every action deployed will be monitored in real-time with relevant objectives and indicators. The task of setting up a war room is assigned to the various departments concerned. It is necessary to study the feasibility of combining resources and deployment tools.


Each strategic axis of the company can be the subject of the dashboard to follow. But everyone will need one or more community managers and/or web marketers. Thus roles need to be defined and assigned and coordination needs to be established between different services.


If time, human resources, installation equipment, and the budget allocated for them are significant issues, then the benefits that the social room will bring need to be predicted and predicted. This is a big problem that some people notice, act in movies, and eventually, get infamous. Bringing those goals closer to ROI is systematically difficult.


But, everyone must find an advantage and remember that the social room is a solution that allows achieving productivity. It also enables collaborative work that leads to beneficial and quick decision-making for the company, thanks to coordination between departments.