What Is An Influencer? Explain The Types And Characteristics Of Influencers

By Mike Reiss- Mar 24, 2023 42

An influencer is a term that refers to a person who has a large influence on the thinking and behavior of people in the world, mainly on social media. It is named for people who influence the buying behavior of many users by spreading information on SNS and blogs.


Such influencers have been gaining attention in recent years not only from their followers but also from the marketing industry. Although influencer marketing can be expected to have a high marketing impact, there are risks such as "no impact" and "spending more than necessary".


So, in this article, for those wondering "What kind of person is an influencer?" And "I want to try influencer marketing", what is influencer marketing? I will explain about


An influencer is a term that refers to a person who has a large influence on the thinking and behavior of people in the world, mainly on social media. The etymology is the English word "influence", meaning influence, inspiration, and effect. Generally, people who promote information and blogs that influence the buying behavior of many people are called "influencers".


An influencer is a general term for people involved in entertainment activities and sports and not so-called celebrities. The general public and bloggers can also have a strong influence on the Internet as influencers. Recently, opinion leaders with many followers are sometimes called influential.


Why are influencers getting a lot of attention?


The reason influencers are getting so much attention is because social media like Facebook has become more powerful than ever. A social network service is a tool that allows users to easily send and collect information. In recent years, SNS has made it easier to understand real consumer reviews and voices about products and services.


As a result, companies not only send information, but consumers actually buy their usability. On the other hand, information sent by individuals is highly subjective and lacks credibility. As a result, users who are trusted by many people and highly appealing users are attracting attention, not just ordinary people.



Those trusted by many users soon become influential. Thus, he became an influencer.


Influencers will use the company's products and services and send their impressions, which will reveal more realism. If you harness the power of influencers well, you can effectively promote your products and services and motivate users to buy.


Types and characteristics of influencers by influence (follower)


1.    There are celebrities (more than 1 million people)

Some celebrities, such as entertainers and athletes, have large followings on social media. Because it has a strong influence on the Internet like SNS, it also corresponds to an influencer, but often it is usually called a celebrity. Due to a large number of followers, the range of information that can be reached is very wide. But, reactions like "likes" and diffusion/sharing tend to be lower than reach.


Additionally, because the frequency of media exposure is so high, using it will cost a significant amount of advertising costs.


2.    Mega top influencers (100 to 1 million people)

If you have 100 to 1 million followers, you are called a mega or top influencer. It is not known as an entertainer or celebrity, but it is a group with a lot of media exposure, many people are leaders of a certain category or community. The more followers a celebrity has, the more information can be sent.


It is this level that shows its strength in a particular category where it tops. It can also affect other departments and communities.


3.    Middle influencers (over 100,000 people)

Those with more than 100,000 followers are called medium influencers. There is not much media exposure, and basically, it only exerts its influence on the Internet like SNS. Media influencers are considered special creatures on the Internet such as SNS. On the other hand, the distance between followers is relatively close, maintaining a perfect balance between special feelings and friendship.


Since it is easy to get a sense of familiarity with influencers, the response ratio of information sent is high. But, although it can be transmitted to some extent over a wide range, it is difficult to spread beyond a certain level and the reach power is somewhat weakened.


4.    Micro-influencers (about 10,000 to 100,000 people)

Influencers with 10,000 to 100,000 followers are called micro-influencers. This is the level at which followers feel closer and more familiar than moderate influencers. Often, they specialize in narrow fields and categories, and outside the scope, their influence is not very strong.


The response percentage obtained from the information sent tends to be high. It is not only for providing information, but it also has a strong influence on the buying behavior of users.


5.    Nano-influencers (thousands to 10,000 people)

Levels of thousands to 10,000 followers are called nano-influencers. It is characterized by the strong influence of a small or niche community. Followers are closely spaced, and a close relationship is seen.


The response rate of the information sent is quite high. And the number of likes and spreads is much more than the number of users who have seen the information. But, the number of followers is small compared to other groups, and the range of influence and the number of people themselves, the so-called "diffusion power", is not very strong.


6.    Light influencers (thousands)

Users with thousands of followers are called light influencers. It has more followers than the so-called general public, but it doesn't have much influence. There is also the perception that you cannot be called influential on such a scale.


Most of the light influencers are students and housewives. Often, hiring costs are low and can be very affordable. Although the range of influence is narrow, there is a point that the influence within the range is quite strong. Also, friendship and intimacy are also powerful weapons.


What is a new influencer/virtual influencer?


Influence is a relatively new concept, but there are even newer types. It is a virtual influencer. A virtual influencer is a term that means an influencer who expresses himself in the virtual world (on the Internet). We use CG technology to create images that resemble human influencers, and send and post information with those images.


A virtual influencer is a fictional entity and an influencer whose appearance, personality, characteristics, etc. are all created. Thus, you can freely design and design according to your image and ideals. Specific activities vary from user to user. In some cases, they work as artists and models, in others, they build relationships with other users.


Virtual influencers appeared in recent years and are not very popular. Issues such as development costs and uncertainty of impact remain. But, the attention of virtual influencers is increasing, and the market may expand in the future.


Use influencers! What is influencer marketing?

An influencer who has a strong influence on followers, do you know the "influencer marketing" measure that leverages that influence? It is a marketing method that employs influencers to promote their products and services. With the rise of influencers, the demand and attention for influencer marketing are increasing.


Compared to normal advertising methods, it is less like advertising, so consumers are less likely to feel resistance. The influencer marketing market is growing every year and is expected to get bigger in the future. Considering the penetration rate of SNS and changes in the market, influencer marketing is a marketing approach that we must adopt.



Today, social media is more powerful than ever and influencers are getting more attention. Even if it is expressed in one word as an influencer, it is actually a wide variety. The effectiveness of marketing with influencers can be increased or decreased depending on the system and the influencer. Try influencer marketing to spread your brand to the top of the market. After proper measurement, you can easily get the result.