What is Digital Marketing The Basic Types of Digital Marketing

By Gretchen Clarke- Apr 04, 2022 371

Friends, today's Internet is the Internet, where everything is going digital so fast. There was a time when we saw advertisements on radio and television and the walls were decorated with poster banners in the market but not now. 

The internet is growing, not just in our country, the whole world is going digital. In such a situation a community of so many people is being created on the internet so fast. It is a very large marketplace that has become the center of all possibilities. Marketing or advertising is a way for everyone to reach more people in less time. 

This is why poster banners and offline marketing are shrinking and the digital market is rapidly taking its place. We know this marketing form as digital marketing. Friends, today we will talk about this important topic, what is digital marketing and how do you do it? So let’s learn about digital marketing in detail.


What is digital marketing?

The direct and simple meaning of digital marketing is to reach more people and promote their products through digital devices (computers, mobile phones, laptops, tablets), etc. 

For example, let’s try to understand, no one today is aware of digital devices. Everyone is using mobile or any other means. It is connected to the internet, where YouTube and Google are our languages and we use them every day. 

Turn it off and realize we'll see the ad when we're watching or reading a video or article in the middle. This ad is a part of digital marketing which is always about identifying the products of the company, the main purpose of which is marketing. Your logo needs to be marketed. 

There was a time when the company had to resort to poster banner radio TV to identify its product information in the market. Although these all come under conventional marketing therapeutic, marketing was a waste of a lot of time and money. But since the beginning of the Internet, it has made everything easier. 

You must have noticed that due to the digital growth, banners are now less seen in making walls and ceilings. Now is the age of social media. The internet was expensive. But since the introduction of new internet packages and services, the country has undergone a revolutionary change. There are many possibilities that the digital market has replaced the offline market. Due to digital marketing, marketing any organization or item has become a means of easy access to people today. 

This is the only reason which is taking the place of the offline market and reducing the wastage of time. Nowadays, its popularity is everywhere, so it is proving to be a boon for companies.


Who is a Digital Marketer?

As the name suggests, it means that the person doing digital marketing is called a digital marketer, whose job is to market his company's product on online social media platforms like Google and increase maximum sales. Getting the company's website ranked on the first page. 

For example, there are so many social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, YouTube. And Google promotes the marketer by writing good posts, images, videos, and articles for the information of their product on them. The strategy is made to reach more and more people.


Examples of digital marketing:

For example, from morning to evening it appears around us on mobile computers at the sound of popups and calls to itself. When we get up in the morning and open the mobile, first, the message bars appear in the status bar. 

All of these companies are doing promotional emails and marketing because we usually don't get any relative's emails. The same emails from this company are full of product promotion information. 

While watching a YouTube video, ads start running in the middle while reading an article in Google, it is all part of marketing which is run by the marketer on the basis of payment and approval.



Digital marketing is a method of infinite possibilities. Words will read less to write it. People use it in different ways which is a common fund to reach people. The Internet is a great digital platform for marketers to work to the detriment of their customers. Below is a list of marketing formations that expresses digital marketing types: 

      Content Marketing

      Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

      Search Engine Optimization Marketing (SEO)

      Mobile Marketing

      Affiliate Marketing

      Influencer Marketing

      Video Marketing

      Audio Marketing

      Email Marketing

      PPC Marketing


Content Marketing

Content marketing means marketing through your words. The person who reads the blog article written like this buys your stuff and they start believing in you. Your writing starts to increase your authority which means marketing the product through your writing content!


Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is also called paid marketing. Through this marketers pay to market their products in search engines, which is called SEM.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a simple way to promote marketing. This is done by marketing the content to the search engines according to the intent of the searcher. That is, by ranking on the first page in the search engine.


Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Today, most of the audience remains on mobile, here it is very convenient to promote the marketing of any product!


Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is a new digital marketing floor that works with influencers or bloggers. Influencers can influence a community to buy the products that he/she suggests. For example, you may be a fan of Portuguese footballer Christiano Ronaldo. You may buy a sports shoe or watch or any other products influenced by his post on Twitter or other social platforms. Here Rolando acts like an influencer to you. Like this, many brands use influencers to market their product or services to customers. If you want to know more about influencer marketing or influencers for your business branding you can join here.


Affiliate Marketing

This marketing is very popular, all the companies are using the eCommerce format. Doing affiliate marketing means reviewing the product of any company on your website or YouTube channel and getting the sale done. You earn a commission from the percentage set in the product. is called affiliate marketing.


Video Marketing

Video marketing means video marketing. You can stream your business live by creating promotional videos, short video clips on social media, and marketing products.


Audio marketing

Audio marketing was the oldest and most sustainable medium in the age of radio. It was then the only means of marketing. Now it has been replaced by digital media. But at one time radio was the only platform where digital marketing started.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective tool for the digital marketing of social media. This type of equipment was used for messaging and chatting, its use has not decreased even today. Today it is used to scrape emails and reach people through newsletters and messages. Products are effectively marketed to customers via email.


PPC Marketing

Ppc marketing means pay per click publisher has to pay per click!


Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Anything that is expensive today, but most of the time it is! The work that was done in a very short time was not in demand by the people, all the work was done with ease. Then there was the traditional marketing of that era, the process of which was slow, yet it was right for people. 

But today no one has time. Today a person is in a hurry for everything. He has become poorer than before, which is why he is living a fugitive life, it needs speed like digital marketing to make it easier. Because in traditional marketing you are very limited and don’t spend much time. 

The role of the Internet in digital platforms has revolutionized but made every task easier, time, money, and excitement from fatigue. Understanding the importance of digital marketing is important because if we do traditional marketing. 

So you need more money where with a small investment in digital marketing you can do a lot together and you can speak your mind all over the world in minutes. 

Although this is not the case in conventional cases, the reason is obvious. If we have a business, the only way to be successful is to reach more people in less time. We don't need to invest much in digital marketing on the internet. But by doing this you can bring a lot of your business not only to the country but also abroad.



Friends, digital marketing is a skill that you can learn by trying new things on the internet. So keep playing with the internet and keep learning. 

Hope you found our post useful in digital marketing today. If you have any questions or suggestions, please share them with us.