What Is User Generated Content And How To Use It?

By James Robert- Oct 06, 2022 167

Did you know about those TikTok videos where an influencer is challenged to dance to a new song? Or when a brand launches a promotion where you must record a creative video? These are just two examples of user-generated content strategies!


After all, no one is better at talking and talking about your product or service than the user, isn't it? Also, these strategies provide marketers with innovative ideas to think about new solutions and different ways to please the public.


Want to know a little more about this idea? What are its benefits and how to use it in your campaign? So, check out the content we have prepared for you!


What is User Generated Content? 

Literally translated, it will be something like user-created content. In other words, as the name implies, when the customer spontaneously contributes some material to the company or not.


Such content can be created in a variety of ways. This could be a comment on a post, or a video to compete for a promotion, or even when the customer responds positively and the brand uses it as a promotional element.


This is only possible because, nowadays, internet access is something more democratic. And it enables the public to give feedback and opinions about their use, in a more practical way.


In the past, when someone bought a product and was dissatisfied with something, it was very difficult and bureaucratic to give this information to the company. Today, we encourage you to report each of our purchases.


People like to share their spending experiences and want to know what others are saying about what they want to buy.


Marketing strategists already understand how valuable these testimonials are in attracting and retaining customers. And that’s why there’s already a name for this strategy: user-created content.


What are its benefits and advantages? 

Since this is a strategy that customers use to create content for their own brand, one of its main advantages is the perseverance to create it.


After all, you're acting in one of the biggest insecurities of the public before taking responsibility from a new company: "Is this purchase worth it?". And no one can testify better than someone who has already bought from your business who has voted for confidence.


Another great advantage of user-generated content is that it requires little financial investment. Therefore, it presents a good result with little money investment. Calm down, let's explain better!


Everyone likes promotions and discounts, right? This is where your currency will be able to use client content in your ads. For example, offer discounts for consumers, or a treat that lets you publish content to attract new buyers. Both parties have won and the talented customer will probably become a fan of your brand.


It is also worth noting that this strategy can be a great source of ideas for the marketing sector, product/service development, and sales team. Whatever the size or category, every business faces a creative block moment. Whether it's creating new solutions for the public, or finding ways to influence people in a positive way.


In these (and many other) moments you can and should rely on audience perceptions to surprise you. After all, no one knows better than them about consumer suffering and ambition, does it?


Finally, it is still possible to mention that the more people interact with a brand, the more they will be identified with it. So, a place is being reserved for this, as the saying goes: "Associating the good with the good."


The motivation behind user-created content 

Basically, what drives someone to create content for a brand is to be useful in one way or another. Whether there is interest outside of pure empathy or even behind it. 

To better understand, check out the top 3 reasons we've listed:


Assist other consumers 

The biggest advantage of the internet is the communities that are formed to help each other. And the best part is people, do it without knowing each other, or without claiming anything in return. And in the sense that they use the brand’s communication channels to provide important feedback about what they’ve bought.


For easy understanding, suppose you bought a notebook from an online store. Typically, such purchases require a large investment from the consumer, right? Generally speaking, for many people, achieving this kind of thing requires financial planning and a lot of sacrifices.


So if by chance the store or product doesn't live up to expectations, you don't want other people to make the same mistake as you, do you? That way, you will help others not to make blind decisions. On the contrary, it will consider the opinions of those who have already bought them.


Be aware of the brand they are consuming 

More and more, people want to get closer to their brand. Having a purpose, a connection, if not, reduces the likelihood of buying.


When someone is creating content for your company, they say "Hey!" I'm devouring you, but I want you to know about my existence. And when that person gets proper recognition, he starts to feel his own feelings about what he is buying.


In other words, he is no longer just an ordinary consumer, he is also an influencer of the brand's activities.


Use User-Generated Content channels for self-promotion 

Finally, there are cases where the purpose is a little less beneficial, and that’s okay! Hahaha!


After all, you have nothing to ask for in exchange for free content. This point inspires people to participate in the challenges raised by the brand, for example.


If you follow a small or micro-influencer, you’ve probably noticed that they participate in how they get heated on social media. It could be a dance, a voice performance, or even something unusual like holding an ice bucket of your own. It’s a way for them to use the breadth of the brand, to see as many people as possible and even those who know, the company sees itself as their potential partner.


How to use user-generated content? 

There are many ways to motivate your audience to create content for your brand. We separate here, a list with the roots. Check out!


Campaign using hashtags 

The main way to promote a brand and promote user-targeted content is to use hashtags.


Thus, each person is able to show that they are participating in the work and still generate interest from those affected by that publication.


Use FAQ sections 

This is a great way to promote user-generated content. Even before the Internet, it was already used as a means of communication in newspapers and magazines.


Frequently Asked Questions are nothing more than a discussion forum and something very valuable for companies that want to better understand what users are thinking about that topic/product/service.


Integrate testimonials and reviews 

As we mentioned above, testimonials and reviews are very useful to mention new people consuming your brand.


When we’re going to research an organization we don’t know but are interested in buying, it’s very common to see what customers say about that product or service, isn’t it?


So, for any business, it should be an initial strategy that wants to get new buyers.


Refer to Google 

Thinking of embedding user-created content on your page? So, know that pointing to Google is very important.


Otherwise, it is possible that your website will be penalized for using third-party content without authorization.


On the Google search center page itself, the correct way to give this hint is specified, so that search engines understand it as user-generated content.


Regardless of the type of user-generated content you choose, it is always best to have qualified professionals apply this strategy in the best way possible.


While this may seem simple and intuitive, it can become a big headache if it is not done with excellence.


We, at Fameinfinity Influencer Digital, are ready to assemble the marketing plans that best fit your business profile. Visit our website and find out what we can do for your company to grow!