What Role Does Social Media Play In An Inbound Marketing Strategy?

By Mike Reiss- Dec 04, 2022 77

Some of the objectives justify the use of social networks in the business environment.  They are to increase engagement, get feedback or connect with customers and followers. Such media are considered an important tool of business communication because they communicate directly with the consumer.


What role does social media play?

The use of social networks in business strategies brings together different points of the customer journey. Search step by step which opens after the first purchase. Social media is part of the image that the company projects, as it becomes a reference for the brand in the minds of the customers.


The purpose of communication through these channels can be summarized in four columns:


Attraction: Social networks allow you to create conversations that introverted marketing needs to achieve the attraction from which any strategy begins. Instead of annoying the consumer by offering direct sales for a product, networks allow you to create quality content that appeals to users when they discover it.


Spread: Social networks also help to make this content more visible. And it allows easy and comprehensive publicity without restrictions. Without social networks, it would be more difficult to find content created in an introverted marketing campaign to reach the end consumers.


Attention: Social networks are a new customer service channel that you should not forget. The moment your company starts participating in a social network, you need to understand that it is a two-way channel. This means you will receive comments, questions, complaints from clients or potential clients. And you must have the ability to respond in a timely and systematic way. It assumes that social networks are a response channel for new content, arising from users' participation in their conversations with your company.


Projection: Social networks are a mirror of the company's reputation, which will influence other initiatives of the company. Before publishing, think about whether you want to look like this.


History and use of social networks

Social networks have existed since the beginning of society, as people related and conversed in the square.


With the advent of the Internet, social networks have multiplied and become more popular than ever before. Virtual environments welcome them and multiply their ability to integrate, which is why companies are currently so interested in them.


Social media offers many benefits to brands, among which we can highlight the following:


      Visibility, scope, and ability to promote.

      Possibility to create empathy with the target audience through conversation.

      Easy to identify demand that allows improving the product.

      Skills if used for customer loyalty based on an appropriate strategy.

      Positioning and reinforcement of brand image at low cost.

      Testing grounds for launching new products or services.

      Functionality when used as a tool to offer personalized customer service.

      Thanks for the sector trend analysis, competition, and market monitoring.

      Convenience and simplicity, when they are engaged in the service of those involved in crisis management.


Types and characteristics of the different social networks

There are many types of social networks and new ones are added every day and there are more names on the list than we know. To choose which channel you are going to use to support your introspective strategy, you can think of criteria such as:


      The target audience. Does it identify with your buyer persona?

      Axis of interest. Does it match your strategy?

      Content is located in that format. Does it fit your plan for the next post?

      You are curious to know the strangeness of each social network. For example, did you imagine that YouTube is the most used in the UK? This video network already has 900 million users worldwide. The advantage of betting on it is that it is very easy to link and spread its content on other social networks.


Use of the most popular social networks for justifiable reasons such as: 

      Facebook: the town square. It's the social media for excellence. It has more than 1 billion users, with an average age of 31 years, and it is growing every day. 78% of people who use Facebook have contact with a company and a brand.

      Twitter: the microblogging network. It has 600 million users and continues to grow. 56% have contacted a company or brand by this means and 42% of users use it.

      Pinterest: social network with 10 million users. It combines very well with online sales, especially in sectors such as fashion, travel, gastronomy, or beauty. It brings a lot of traffic and sales conversion.

      Instagram: photo network with 100 million users. It has a lot of potential at the image level, and that is why it is especially recommended for highly visual sectors.

      LinkedIn: already gathers 200 million users and presents a very fast growth. Its target is professional, with the aim of generating networking and finding employment.


To these must be added other social media channels with as much pull as : 

      Foursquare: geolocation network with 20 million users. It is very useful for local businesses, although it is little exploited at the regional level.

      Clubhouse: a platform designed to generate voice chats organized by interest groups.

      Twitch -The new live streaming platform that is calling out to content creators on YouTube. In addition to the gaming world, it has many possibilities.

      TikTok: it is the most popular network with the new generations. It is not limited to this audience, as there are also brand audiences.


Social Media integration in the different phases of an Inbound strategy 

Different stages of an introverted strategy give rise to the use of different verbs on social media. To always choose the most suitable, you need to understand what to expect from each of them:


Attract: The goal is to present the brand to the users in a way that attracts their attention. Knowing SEO is as important as knowing how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by content marketing and its star tools, blogs. Social networks play a very important role here. But remember to offer content that interests consumers, not just commercial information. If you manage to establish yourself as a benchmark in your sector because of your skills and authority, you will be more attractive in the eyes of potential clients and you will be able to come to you to resolve their doubts. Think about how they should be a source of information.


Convert: Interest from attention. This is the path that leads to user transformation and reaches this stage. Content marketing is still relevant, but, at the moment, it needs to be integrated with the landing page and the CTA. We recommend that you include links with them that respond to the needs of your followers. You can achieve this if you first realize that they are trying to solve a problem. So you can show them what your solution is.


Close: This is the stage when sales stop and you win a new customer. In the process, there is a tool that is particularly useful: marketing automation. It is essential to know how you take care of your contacts, such as a conversation, private messages, mentions, comments, and person-to-person interactions. Email marketing will be more valuable if you combine it with the use of social networks.


Captivate: There are a lot of things after closing a sale. Don't decide to add another name to your customer database. Your goal is to fall in love and for that, email marketing must again be a successful social media strategy. To entice or retain your customers, to strengthen their purchasing decisions, to offer their recommendations and special offers, and to give them reasons to retain content that interests them. A common way to interact with consumers on the network is to repost branded content shared by the same consumer.


The use of social networks interests you

There are several benefits to using a social media strategy with your introverted project. First, you work with your brand presence and you manage to make it stronger in the eyes of users, because the more platforms you have, the more they will recognize you and remember you.


You already know that your goal should be to keep potential clients at the top of their minds when they think about who can solve their pain. That means being the first brand associated with your product or service in the mind of the consumer.


Also, using social networks you create another visitor training channel for your introverted endeavors and offer users another way to use your content. They are the channels that give feedback. For example, you can share a piece of information in a publication on networks and redirect traffic to articles or entire books if they want to know more. You can add to your article, a link to a social media post that visually explains what's published on your blog.


Using social media connects you closely and directly with your target audience. Its advantages in terms of cost savings and campaign opportunities are only comparable to the huge potential of two-way information exchange that gives you the feedback you need to keep improving on the one hand and ensuring speed on the other. Feedback on what your customers and followers are waiting for today.