Why work with an SEO agency?

By James Robert- Oct 19, 2022 248

Natural referral SEO (search engine optimization) is an essential concept. Basically, for all the leaders who want to improve the visibility of their company on the web. Why? Quite simply because human behavior has changed since the advent of the Internet. Now, before making a purchase, they search for information in search engines like Google. Having a good position on these engines is thus essential, so it is important to use a specialized SEO agency. Thanks to this, you put all the possibilities in your favor for a good SEO.


Why do natural referencing?

First, let’s take a look at the concept of natural referencing SEO. What is it and what are its benefits? Let's find out all about it together.


What is natural referencing?

The concept of natural referencing refers to a strategy that aims to improve the position of your web pages in search engine results and thus its visibility. If you already have a website, you know the importance of getting Google's first results: they let you generate a lot more traffic. According to a survey, first place alone gets about 33% clicks, 32.5% accurate. Natural reference techniques are many but the most well known are: 

      Copywriting is SEO based

      Structure your website

      Writing meta tags (meta-titles and meta-descriptions)

      Thanks for the title (H1, H2…), emphasis (bold, italic…), and list (bulleted, numbered…) HTML tags for your text structure

      Presence on social networks

      Domain name authority

      Creating a blog for your website


What are the advantages of SEO?

Working with the natural reference of your business is a significant advantage because it has many benefits. Logically, SEO lets you ultimately increase your turnover, whether you want to sell directly online or request contact or online quote:


      You strengthen your visibility on the Internet: If you have first results, it will be easier for your customers to find you but for potential ones who don't know you yet.

      You create special natural content, i.e. non-sponsored, that puts you in a sustainable and relevant way without relying on paid advertising campaigns.

      This allows you to generate qualified traffic to your site, such as the traffic generated by people who are genuinely interested in your content and therefore spend more time on your web pages.

      Suddenly, you improve your conversion rate: As you generate more qualified traffic, you increase your conversion potential.

      And you increase your turnover: Converting your visitors to customers can only benefit your turnover


Why create a natural referencing agency for your website?

If SEO is really essential, then it is complicated to set up. A good SEO strategy requires a thorough analysis of your environment and your competitors effectively. This is the role of an SEO agency to help you.


The advantages of an SEO agency

The first big advantage of a natural referencing agency is that you will benefit, thank you:

      The experience of a team specialized in this field, which forms the basis of the evolution of natural referencing practice

      SEO tools are efficient and very helpful (eg MOZ and SEMrush tools)


The second advantage is that it helps you set up a tailor-made SEO strategy that really fits your activity and your business. It does what we call competitive analysis. The purpose is to determine based on your service and the practice of your competitors: 

      Which tree structure is most relevant for your website

      No keywords must be found on your website

      Finally, the third big advantage is that it also does SEO monitoring for your site.


Maintaining your position on the first page of Google results is a daily task. This is why it is so important to follow the evolution of your position and review your strategy according to the performance of your website. To do this, SEO experts: 

      establishes KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) for SEO, i.e. indicators that allow you to measure the success of your SEO strategy (for example, the number of organic visits)

      then adjusts your SEO strategy, depending on the results obtained for these KPIs. 


Do a competitive and technical audit of your website 

Of course, an SEO agency can also be very effective if your business already has a website. In fact, not all website companies are SEO experts. As we have seen, these are very specific exercises that require practical skills. In addition, the Internet is alive and constantly evolving. So, it is important that this is also true for your business site. But how do you determine if your SEO strategy is right? How do you know what its strengths are but also its areas for improvement? The answer is simple: you need to do an SEO audit of your site. Again, SEO consultants have the knowledge and tools to help you do just that. In addition, they keep abreast of developments in the SEO world and its new practices. And for complete site analysis, this audit should be done in two main stages. The first relates to the list of your competitive environment as well as the technical analysis of your site. The second relates to the analysis of the opportunities available to you.


Aim: to do better than your competitors

The first thing to know is that SEO optimization is always based on comparisons between your site and your competitors. Your audit, in fact, cannot be done alone because natural referencing is a highly competitive strategy and will remain so. To be in a good position at Google, you must be better than other players in your industry. For this reason, the study of your visibility strategy must be accompanied by competitive analysis. Keep in mind that this is when creating a new site. Your competitors are being audited thus analyzing their good web marketing practices. (Blogs, newsletters, call-to-action strategies, online downloads, contact forms ...). Above all, to analyze the various important criteria for natural referencing: site authority and trust flow (strength of a website and percentage of trust with Google), its position in keywords, its metadata, its backlink strategy (external links from others to the site) and so on. Indicates) ...


The technical audit of your site

And this is all your website? Of course, and for comparison, you need to analyze the same SEO criteria as your competitors. But the advantage is that an SEO agency can go a long way in auditing. Thanks to SEO tools (egSemrush, Moz…) and analysis tools allowing you to monitor the performance of your website (eg Google Analytics). We obtain a wealth of very valuable information.


It is really possible to determine which keywords your organic traffic will find you. Pages are the most read, how much your visitors spend per page on average, what is your bounce rate (percentage of internet users). Not more than the page they brought to your site). SEO audits analyze user experience with internal links (strategy of internal links, moving from one page of your site to another), redirection, quality of your editorial strategy and semantic field of your content, speed. Loading, ergonomics, or responsive design of your site. In short, many small criteria affect your SEO.


Identify SEO opportunities to always better position your site

Beyond all the technical and competitive aspects, a natural referencing audit is an opportunity to analyze the various SEO opportunities available to you. By listing the long-tail keywords of your business interest (keywords made up of different terms), the analysis determines which ones will bring you the most traffic and which ones you are not yet ranking. This data will then be used to optimize the structure of your tree (the structure of your site), for example by creating new pages for the most important keywords or by writing blog articles for the less strategic ones.


The advantages of an SEO agency to carry out your audit

Of course, the purpose of competitive and technical auditing is to identify ways to improve your website's SEO. But, it is not always easy to get a good idea of ​​the various information obtained from the analysis and to link it to effective steps for your optimization. This is again how an SEO agency can be particularly useful. Because you will benefit from a personalized recommendation file at the end of your audit. Depending on the results of your analysis, you will be able to take specific steps to solve your various technical problems. For example, missing meta tags, duplicate content, or too long loading time. And most of all, you benefit from the agency's digital knowledge in implementing these recommendations.