YouTube Marketing: Advertising Guide to Incorporate It Into Your Strategy

By Gretchen Clarke- Apr 28, 2022 219

If you want to include videos in your strategy, it's important that you have a YouTube advertising guide. So that you can get a clearer and more precise idea about how to implement it in your marketing plan so that you can reach your target audience. 

More and more brands are choosing digital advertising. They have a wide range and reach as they are cheaper than traditional teas. There are no savings, no doubt it saves you money and benefits you both when it comes to sending your ad messages. 

Nowadays, it’s important for social networks to promote your network and take advantage of what you have to offer. Each place is a big presence for you, and with a good advertising guide on YouTube, you are assured of success.


What do you get from advertising on YouTube? 

You are already interested to know the strategies of the YouTube Ad Guide. But, before you get into this topic, you know what benefits you can get by including it in your digital marketing strategy: 

      You only need to pay when a user clicks on your ad and it's actively displayed. And in the case of TrueView in-stream advertising, only when it is shown for a certain minimum period of time. 

      It has a high level of recipients who will see your ad. Advertising gives you the potential to reach a specific group of target audiences. And it allows you to maximize the effectiveness of different campaigns. 

      This helps to increase the level of connection with the recipient. Consider that the image and video format gives you great advertising potential for your ad campaign. That way, your ad will be more likely to be fascinated and remembered by your audience. 

      Greater interaction between users who watch commercials and commercial videos themselves. 

      It lets you control and evaluate campaigns since YouTube has its own analytical tools. This allows you to access a variety of relevant metrics while interpreting and redefining all of your campaigns. 

      This is a great way to build and strengthen a good branding strategy, which allows you to effectively promote your business brand.


Types of advertising on YouTube 

There are three models of TrueView ads that you should know in advance. So that you can take them into consideration when working on your YouTube advertising guide. Everyone performs differently, so check them based on what you want to achieve in your promotion:


  1. TrueView in-stream ads

In the first case, these are video ads that appear before, during, or after other videos on YouTube or Google channels. These general ads appear when you are viewing audiovisuals through this platform. Which gives them the option to avoid after five seconds of playback. 

It's important that you know that as an advertiser, you only pay for ads when a user watches your video for 30 seconds or if they interact with the ad. The interaction can be presented through a visit to your website or a call to action button or some text.


  1. Video discovery ads

Video discovery ads give you the opportunity to promote your videos in areas where viewers have important audiovisuals. Here are the places to include search results on YouTube. The home page of this platform on mobile phones and the section having relevant content in the same format. 

How to recognize them? This type of ad shows a thumbnail image of your video, selected from one of the automatic images. In addition, it comes with a three-line text that invites viewers to click to view the material. In this case, you only pay when users click on your video thumbnail image.


  1. Bumper Ads

The YouTube Ads Guide cannot be complete without bumper ads. These are clips that can't be skipped for a maximum of 6 seconds and appear in front of other videos on the platform. It should be noted that its concise and fast format is intended to reach a mobile audience. 

YouTube itself suggests that these ads are useful in reaching your target audience as well as making sure your message is seen and heard. But not only that, it helps you to be the first choice of users. In fact, if you want to reach a large audience with a short, memorable message, they recommend it. 

These are very useful for driving goals from funnel-like promotional memorabilia and brand awareness. When you work with bumpers, people need to see the full ad before their selected video, which can annoy users.


Meet the YouTube advertising guide

And without further ado, it's time to review the YouTube Ads Guide. There is nothing more to follow than a step-by-step or follow-up strategy that will help you work with this strategy: 

  1. Use playlists to engage your audience 

Do you want to communicate there? That's why it's important to get people's attention to your video ads. One way to do this is to use YouTube playlists, such as special lists of relevant audiovisuals, which are ideal for keeping them interested. 

Notice that the organization of the playlist helps to discover the content. This is because they not only increase playback time but also help create more resources that will appear in search results. Also, it will also appear in video suggestions. 

Here are the steps you need to take to create a playlist on YouTube: 

      Locate the video you want in the playlist.

      Click "Add to" below the video and choose the black plus sign.

      Click on "Create New Playlist. "

      Enter the name of the playlist.

      In the drop-down menu, you select the privacy settings for your playlist. Be careful not to privatize it as your viewers will not find it when searching on YouTube.

      Click on "Create. "

      You can find a new playlist from the Guide Library on the left side of the screen.


  1. Put an interesting title in your video ads

Just like an article or email, people get the first impression from your video title. Suppose if they are not interesting enough to get their attention, they will not click on your ad and if they are not related to what they are seeing. 

You may be wondering what features should be in the title of your ad, the first thing is to keep it short and specific. Make sure your brief explanation about the video is relevant and informative for your brand.


  1. Work with ad specifications 

In your YouTube advertising guide, this step must be present, since it is an element, specifications are the key to having a good quality video. This way, you can be sure that your ads will appear more frequently on your device. 

Think about whether you have high production value ads on this digital platform dedicated to audiovisual content. You can promote your brand reputation, as well as trust. All these videos help to stand out from the crowd.


  1. Create useful content for your audience

It’s about moving forward, creating ads that are more than just ads. Take the opportunity to tell interesting stories and provide valuable content to your audience through videos. Always look for something that people can help them with. 

For example, you can share tutorial videos, where you can show how the products you sell are used. Any dynamic content that has the ability to attract users to buy your product or service. It captures much more than sales-oriented advertising. You can follow YouTubers so that you can learn how they express their branding to the audience. It's not about creativity, it's all about making the best content in the best ways. To learn how to present quality content to the audience you can apply your own Influencer Marketing plans to your YouTube strategy. 


  1. Reach the right audience

It makes no sense to show good ads to the people you want to reach unless you have a definite definition. Thus, it is important that you follow some guidelines to achieve this: 

      Choose demographic groups, such as filtered by age, gender, income, etc.

      Base yourself on topics that interest your target audience.

      To reach users who are interested in important topics and brands, you can choose relevant custom visitors. So it helps you target the audience selected specifically for your brand.

      Select market visitors, i.e. those who are already actively looking for information or similar products.

      Use video remarketing to reach an audience based on their previous interactions with your content. 

As you can see, the YouTube ad guide is very simple and easy to incorporate into your marketing strategy. But if you need help with your performance marketing strategies to generate adequate social Ads, at FameNet we are the solution. We will help you attract users to the social networks and the channels.