Youtube Marketing Strategies For Freelancers

By Gretchen Clarke- Dec 16, 2022 134

YouTube marketing strategies are the foundation of visual communication today. Especially if you use personal branding to promote yourself online. 

How many benefits would your business have in terms of popularity and revenue if you knew how to master them? 

That's right: a lot. 

Let's take a look at what to do and some tips for using Youtube professionally.


Why use Youtube to promote yourself online?

Yes, it can be a priority for many brains. But you should know that one of the most important social networks for a freelancer is YouTube. It is the first video search engine on the Internet. 

YouTube has an insane history and over time it has made incredible numbers and still does. If you like curiosity then read interesting article 68 curiosities and statistics on youtube or watch this short video. 

But, let's get back to you and your free advertising through YouTube. 

As a communication channel, this online platform guarantees double benefits for freelancers and entrepreneurs. 

On the one hand, it allows you to create business-oriented information content. On the other hand, it's a great way to give your business visibility and promote it for free. You can easily communicate brand values ​​to the main target audience in a persuasive and effective way. 

Why do you need to have a youtube channel? And why is it the best investment?

We've put together a video summary (crazy but serious) about what you need to know about why having a professional youtube channel and why youtube can save your company along with the best marketinginvestment over time. You can check it.


There are other things to know.


YouTube marketing strategies and platform benefits

Below, we'll publish some tips to help you make the most of the platform and integrate Youtube marketing strategies into your digital marketing model.


1) Make a video presentation of your business

Using YouTube to communicate with freelancers allows a professional to quickly increase visibility and notoriety. 

That way, customers will be more aware of your value and the services you offer. 

One of the great benefits of YouTube overwriting is the ability to use three channels of video communication. Namely verbal (text), para verbal (the way in which words are said), and non-verbal (use of the language of the body).

Add some music, visual effects, and simple animations to it and you're captivating your audience. 

Also, it is statistically proven that online users are strongly attracted to viewing multimedia content like videos and photos. 

These details illustrate how important it is for a freelancer to use their business potential to market on YouTube and present a video highlighting services, skills, and professionalism. 

Create this video, show it whenever you want to present your business, or integrate it into your page on your website. 


2) Constantly create useful content for users

We talk about this in our YouTube video marketing course for freelancers: you need to create value among people and not just provide information to sell. 

The best YouTube marketing strategies are nothing if they are not supported by quality content. 

YouTube marketing means creating informative content that is of interest to you. 

This is another way to reach the ideal customer by demonstrating your skills in a very specific way. 

An example of content is a weekly update, in the form of a vlog, the latest news in your sector, or insights about customer service. 

If you want to exploit Youtube to its full potential and do a great job ... the editorial plan is essential!


3) Make a well-structured editorial plan.

Editorial planning helps you organize your YouTube channel better. Especially to offer content to your audience that is always interesting and consistent with your brand. 

      What do you need to know about your business prospects?

      What are they looking for?

      What should they look for in your products and services?

      Make a list and slowly build this content. 

It is especially important to think about SEO-based thinking with interesting and compelling titles for videos. Because it will attract more users and lead them to click on the content. 

Also, the dedicated section is very important for the description of the video. It will be essential to enter keywords related to your professional activities and with which it is easy to find. 

Each video must be accompanied by a preview image. It’s important to create beautiful images that attract attention, remember your brand (colors, logo, fonts, etc.) and your face (useful for personal branding).


4) Use the technical equipment to record

To enhance the quality and potential of your channel, we recommend that you invest in professional audio/video recording equipment and editing software. In the latter case, if you do not have basic skills, you can rely on a professional video maker or request specific web marketing advice on Youtube (and beyond). 

Personally, we always recommend to our clients what we believe is the best strategy based on business and personal branding objectives. 

Much depends on the goals achieved through the channel and the available budget. 

If you are a beginner, you can read the " Youtuber Essential Kit " guide that you will find in the video course on " How to use Youtube to promote yourself and make video blogging ". And in the meantime see this video that will explain practical things to you.


5) Create short or medium length videos

In short, don't overdo the duration. 

Statistical data indicate not to exceed the ten-minute threshold too often. The average time limit of "resistance", beyond which the user tends to lose concentration. 

It is best to divide the video into numbered sections with titles. If you scroll through our Youtube channel, you will see that this is a technique we often use. Or focus on different episodes of the same topic to be grouped in the playlist (option included among the Youtube tools). 

Another tip: take the first step! Get started! 

Over time you will become perfect.


6) Take a hint and learn new video editing and visual communication techniques

Making videos is not difficult, especially today almost every mobile phone is ready to record practically good quality video. With the device you have, you can easily create your own quality videos. But quality output requires quality equipment, doesn't it? 

Everything can be learned, so even if you don't know how to do it right now, know that you can learn easily. 

You can easily start with Youtube for freelancers. The video course we have created for all freelancers who understand the importance of Youtube for communication for internet marketing and who want to learn the best techniques to apply in an easy way. 

For freelancers on YouTube, you will find answers to all your questions. If you search there you will get the answer more technically, organizationally, and strategically. From our side, we will give you important tips about the highest quality and most efficient software and hardware. With all these things you can grow your learnings and creativity to video promoting and personal branding. As personal branding is more important than creating more quality developments. But not only that: because we walk you in a simple way in the fascinating world of video creation on Youtube, from A to Z.