YouTube SEO: The 6 Best Tips for Quick Optimization

By Mike Reiss- Nov 11, 2022 129

The method of the YouTube algorithm can actually be described very easily. Because the video platform only wants to show users relevant videos and thus sort out the unimportant videos. But this general rule makes it difficult to appear at the top on YouTube. Because sometimes there are millions of search results for each subject. The following article explains six simple strategies for YouTube SEO optimization. With these, you can better keep your own videos and reach them through YouTube optimization.


YouTube Marketing Ideas 

      YouTube is also the second-largest search engine in the world. Many users still choose to type keywords in the YouTube search box to find the content they like. Good video content and users can easily create brand image and trust.

      If you can create your own audience and influence through YouTube, it will undoubtedly add a long-lasting effective communication channel to your brand.

      Since there is a search engine, SEO optimization can be done to get more traffic. So how do you use YouTube to get search rankings and optimize click-through rates and competitive traffic?


With nearly two billion registered users each month, YouTube alone stands for the world's most successful video platform. But thanks to its huge search volume it has managed to position itself as the second largest search engine after Google. So, to quickly improve a channel's YouTube SEO optimization, it's important to consider the following YouTube optimization ranking issues:


1.     YouTube SEO Tip: The channel's watch time

The YouTube algorithm requires a long playback time and multiple members across an entire channel to rate the relevance of an individual video. But, playback time does not specify specific minutes. Instead, YouTube calculates total views and average payback time for optimization. It is understandable to make the first 15 seconds of a video informative and entertaining to inspire viewers and better prepare them for upcoming content. Also, other marketing channels can help with YouTube SEO optimization. Because they increase the total number of calls and thus the viewing time of the channel. This includes, for example, email marketing with video links from YouTube to SEO, or integration into your own website.


2.     YouTube SEO tip: Good keywords in the title and description

If you want to stay on top with YouTube SEO optimization, you need to define meaningful keywords or search terms and use them consistently. It is worthwhile to use Google search suggestions or search for relevant keywords with other SEO tools. Once this keyword is finally fixed, it can be placed prominently in the title and should also appear in the description. It is important that a single keyword does not often exist for many subjects. But rather a so-called longitudinal, which users type in the YouTube search bar. For example, when it comes to business promotion, the keyword might be "Easy Online Business Promotion itself". But, for YouTube optimization, the title with the keyword should not exceed 100 characters, as it is only then fully visible in the search results.


3.     YouTube SEO tip: The thumbnail for YouTube SEO optimization

The term thumbnail refers to a preview image of a YouTube video. Users view this image before clicking on a video, because it is already visible in search results, so thumbnail selection is a definite success. Because only one preview image arouses viewers' interest, the number of clicks on YouTube videos increases. In general, YouTube always offers a preview image for each upload. But this thumbnail rarely matches the recommended content, so a separate image is always available for YouTube SEO optimization. Important: The video platform only allows your own thumbnails for YouTube SEO optimization if the channel is pre-verified. The YouTube profile settings offer simple instructions for this.


4.     YouTube SEO Tip: Appropriate SEO Tags for YouTube Videos

YouTube uses so-called tags to determine where a YouTube video will be categorized. But, these keywords can also be used for YouTube SEO optimization, as each user defines them when uploading. It also increases the chances of being on top of YouTube with the right SEO tags. For example, if you upload a recipe video, you should also use cooking, baking, recipe, food name, and other tags. But, about ten keywords as specific as possible are sufficient for YouTube optimization. Otherwise, individual tags will lose their relevance. For example, frequent misspellings can contribute to YouTube optimization if, for example, "Baggett" is displayed as a tag instead of "Baguette".


5.     YouTube SEO tip: insert subtitles manually

YouTube is an international video platform, which is why subtitles are automatically available for each video. But, automatically created subtitles are usually flawed and thus cannot be accurately evaluated by the YouTube algorithm. So it is worthwhile to add appropriate subtitles when doing YouTube SEO optimization. Because the selected keywords can be used there again, which also increases the chances of a good ranking. Also, this YouTube optimization measure also gives access to other international target groups. Because these exact subtitles are translated worldwide by YouTube, which can help with YouTube's SEO.



6.     YouTube SEO tip: Develop a community

YouTube is not just a video search engine. It is also a social network. So, to get more YouTube views, you need to use it like any other social network. In other words, regular video sharing is not enough, you need to actively engage your audience.


How? The best way is to reply to comments, especially if someone asks a direct question. That way other viewers will be more likely to comment if they know they will get a response.


It only takes a second, and it can be done as you browse the comments for ideas for new videos. You need to be an active member of your community. Subscribe to other channels in your niche, comment on their videos and share what your viewers might like. In other words, the day before you accept.


If you engage generously and honestly, the audience will notice and it will be much easier to establish your brand in an enthusiastic niche. And keep in mind that promoting other videos will give you credits that will help boost your channel with the YouTube algorithm.


Finally, you can engage the audience directly.


One of the easiest ways to do this is to organize a contest or prize draw. For example, you can try to get viewers to share your videos on Facebook and write a draw and try to win one of your products. Building a loyal and active fanbase is a confirmed way to get more views on YouTube.


In which language do I have to create my terms and conditions?

The answer to this question depends on the language and targeting of the entire site. Because the website and the offer focus on the global online market, the terms should be in the global format (English). However, if the online shop is available in another language, this language must also have terms. But, it is important to pay attention to country-specific requirements when translating. This means that there are different international provisions for creating the situation. So it is safe to contact a lawyer instead of creating and publishing terms with the translation program.