YouTube SEO - The Most Important Ranking Factors

By Gretchen Clarke- Mar 15, 2022 3623

YouTube SEO - “What's that?” You can think. YouTube is not only the largest video platform in the world, it is also a big search engine. So it is understood that search engine optimization can be run here as well. 

For each topic, you can find interested parties on YouTube and thus there are lucrative opportunities. But, many niches are competitive and you have to assert yourself against countless competitors. To be successful here, you need to understand the criteria for how to put videos online in YouTube search results. Getting a good position here is the key to the success of a video.


YouTube SEO - quality prevails in the ranking 

Basically, first of all, it must be said that there is a great interest in the position of high-quality videos on YouTube in search results. So visitors have to offer exactly what they should expect before they click. 

Since YouTube does not conduct a survey on user expectations, the video platform has decided to measure the following metrics:


YouTube SEO - Ranking factor # 1: Views/video views 

A serious YouTube SEO factor is how many people have already watched the video. The more views you get on YouTube, the more interesting the video will be. 

So bring as many interested eyes to your video as possible. Share it with friends and acquaintances. Advertise it, post it to Facebook groups, embed it on your website, and integrate the video link into your newsletter. The more people you reach, the easier it will be to find your video later.


YouTube SEO - Ranking factor # 2: How long is the watch being watched 

Resourceful video marketers are quickly realizing that views affect video rankings. This is mimicked by the viewer with extended clicks on different end devices. 

To complicate the process, YouTube is now evaluating how long the video has been watched. YouTube SEO Factor Playback Time. The more time users watch, the more interesting the video looks. But, if a video is clicked after a few seconds, it indicates that it is irrelevant. 

So only show videos of people who are initially interested in these topics. Design the video in such a way as to create an exciting twist. Prevent viewers from jumping prematurely at the end of any content table or video, especially with adequate content.


YouTube SEO Ranking Factor # 3: Interactions with Your Video 

And a YouTube SEO factor listening interaction. This improves searchability in YouTube search results if the video is shared, liked, or commented on. If your video is rich and unique, it will be shared and liked. Controversial content often leads viewers to comment. 

Of course, you should provide a good video to encourage interaction. But, viewers are clearly advised to do so. Give clear instructions on what to do after viewing. "If you like this video, please like us and leave a comment" So Call To Action (CTA).


YouTube SEO - Ranking Factor # 4: Subscribers 

Your channel plays a role in placing your video in YouTube search results. The more subscribers you have, the more you will be able to reach as soon as you upload your video. Since people already know you and your content, you have a good chance of enjoying your video. 

For this reason, work actively to increase the number of your customers continuously. At the end of each video, encourage people to subscribe to your channel. You set this course for future videos for success.


YouTube SEO - Ranking Factor # 5: Where are the visitors coming from and where are they going 

YouTube is not a non-profit organization, but a company that seeks to make a profit. The video platform is funded by advertising revenue. The more traffic is generated and the more visitors remain

For this reason, YouTube is very interested in gaining visitors to other websites 

"If you use your video to help other video users navigate YouTube, it will be recognized." 

In particular, it means leading users to video platforms - and it's part of YouTube SEO to keep it there. For example, it is recommended to draw attention to your videos through Facebook and thus "attract" Facebook users to YouTube. 

The video platform also evaluates what viewers will do later. Does he leave YouTube again or does he increase the revenue of the results by watching other videos? To increase the length of stay active, it is recommended to create and manage a number of related videos. This way you encourage your viewers to use more content on YouTube.


YouTube SEO Ranking Factor # 6: What You Talk About In The Video

Ever since spoken text became available as a subtitle, YouTube has been focusing on which word you have chosen and pronounced. Be clear about yourself and use the keywords you want to search for, starting as a priority and with full length. But it will not seem strange. Stay natural.


YouTube SEO - The integration of keywords

The old basics of YouTube SEO still play a big role. It contains keywords. User behavior is becoming more important day by day, but initial optimization for keywords is still a must. These should appear in the following places: 

      Video title



      Video tags 

1. The title

It is important to include the keyword for which the video will appear in the title search results. It is recommended to put it at the beginning of the title. It also encourages click-through rates, as it shows searchers that the content they are searching for is included in the video. The important thing is: to keep it short and simple. Your video should contain at most 120 characters of the most important terms for both the algorithm and the user to clear it.


2. The description

The keyword should play an influential role in the description of the video. We suggest a text length of 500 words or more so that the original word is used evenly many times.


3. The filename

The name of the video file plays a minor role for the viewer. For YouTube SEO, the file name must be considered. Because you can also use the name of the YouTube file to mean what the video is. Include your keyword here.


4. The tags

Tags are meaningful search terms/keywords that are added to videos to make it easier for viewers to find them. Tags can be assigned to individual videos in YouTube Studio. Overall, tags can help offer relevant content after watching a video, extending your viewers' stay. 

YouTube itself wrote that any number of tags in a video is considered spam. A maximum of 500 characters is available for tags. Therefore, one has to abide by the given rules and only tag the most relevant tags. With tools like Keywords Everywhere, you can see the tags of other YouTube videos and perhaps get more ideas for keywords.


YouTube SEO - Conclusion: A good YouTube video needs good marketing 

Creating a good video is the first step in video marketing with YouTube. Unfortunately, most companies end up there. But, optimization is also important for YouTube SEO, video platform search results. In particular, preaching, which plays a role, requires learning and requires dedication and hard work. Create a detailed marketing plan for your video and ensure great success. Because just like the written text, the best quality doesn’t help if someone can’t see it.