Youtube Video Ideas: What Content Works Great In 2021

By Mike Reiss- Apr 21, 2022 185

Video is a powerful marketing and advertising tool, but unfortunately, there is no secret to success. The key to this business is to think broadly, be creative, be honest, and aim for the right audience. 

In recent years, a content format like video has become more popular. In the United States, 73% of adults use YouTube, and each visitor spends an average of 11 minutes and 24 seconds per day. 

Another reason for the increase in views on YouTube is that consumers are no longer limited to TV, looking for other, sometimes more convenient ways to watch videos. 

Also, in the video users are looking for solutions to their problems. That is why videos of products and services that solve users' problems are so popular and give companies a profit. 

Want to get the most out of YouTube but don't know how? 

In this article, we will provide some proven video ideas that you can use for your convenience.


1. Explanatory video

Video is a lightweight and easy-to-read content format. Users prefer videos that explain something to people or brands. It can be a presentation of a product, instructions for using a product. This type of video will help increase engagement and the number of views. Content, where you answer consumers' questions, reinforces their buying decision.


2. Video reviews

Reviews serve as social evidence. They show potential customers that there are already satisfied customers. 

With customer testimonials or recommendations, you can drive potential sales customers through the sales funnel by correcting their doubts.


3. Video telling a story

Storytelling works great for any type of content. He is currently one of the main forces of content. 

Consumers do not want to hear direct offers to buy any product or service; They want to understand how these products will help them solve a problem. 

By telling the story of your brand or product creation, you strengthen an emotional connection with your audience. People can recognize you in your story, which helps them draw attention to your product and increase sales. Can be used in any content including storytelling ads.


4. Useful tips and tricks

These videos present helpful ideas or recommendations for using a product or service. With them, you can show people how your products can be useful. 

Let us give you an example. The article you are currently reading may be adapted to the video format. In this case, we will share ideas by showing a demo of each tip. 

To make your advice video a success, think about how you can help your audience, what can be useful for them. These can be useful applications, services that they can use, creative ideas, etc.


5. Answers to questions

Have you analyzed your audience questions? Have you ever considered putting them together in a video and answering them? 

In fact, comments and messages received on social media or under your video can be the beginning of content creation. 

A video is coming out ahead of time, letting people know in advance that you can answer their questions. To make your Q&A video search easier, create a hashtag. 

You can also mention those who have asked questions. This will further strengthen your connection with your audience. 

You can answer questions live. You can go further by answering regular user questions.


6. Webinar

Webinars are videos about a specific topic that your customers participate in. 

The webinar publishes a topic that is valuable and interesting to the audience. 

Generally, what is needed to host a webinar is a good topic, and 20 minutes is free to discuss it. If you get a positive response from the audience, you can continue. The length of the video is not important, but the relevance of what people expect. 

Webinars are a powerful tool for building brand authority and audience trust. 

For example, you can find keywords using the Ubersuggest search tool. For example, this month there were more than 700 questions from users for the term "video marketing." In particular, people are interested in video marketing techniques and other topics. 

By entering your topic in the search bar, you'll be able to see users' key questions on this topic for the past month. They can be ideas for your content.


7. Video with a list

Another idea for list content. They usually start with the words "10 most useful ..." or "8 ideas ...". These can be a list of tips, books, tools, articles, inspirational ideas, and much more. 

Listing any video is easy, popular, and attracts a lot of attention. 

To create a video like this, start with a short introduction explaining why you chose this topic. Then talk a little about each item on the list.


8. "Do it yourself"

These videos may seem like a thing of the past, but they work well today because they teach people how to do their own thing. 

The theme of these videos can be a craft or digital product that includes your skills. In other words, if you want to make a video like this, you must understand the matter. If you teach users to do something they can't do on their own, you will lose confidence and interest in your brand.


9. Motivational videos

All people need encouraging words. Motivational videos often go "viral", they are actively shared, they are liked. Sometimes it may be promoted within viral marketingstrategy. 

To create your inspirational video, think about how you can inspire your audience. Prepare an emotional and sincere speech and write it. This approach will make the content more humane and strengthen the connection with the audience.


10. Unpacking the product

Another idea is to unbox products for YouTube videos. 

Here you can use what you get as your product or gift. Turn on the camera and open the package in front of an audience, showing your impressions of the product. 

This video is not only built on curiosity but also allows you to show the real quality and appearance of the product to the viewers. With this kind of video, you resolve consumer objections and get them closer to the decision to buy.


11. Video challenge

Unique, funny, and bizarre videos easily go viral. Does everyone remember the Ice Bucket Video Challenge? This is an example of a video that has attracted a lot of people, including celebrities. 

Try to get as many people as possible to accept your challenge, tag friends, followers, and even influencers. But be careful when challenging celebrities, they can charge a fee to take part in the challenges, unless your ideas are very creative.


12. Video about impressions

By recording your impressions on video, you will definitely attract a new audience. It can be an impression from movies, books, travel, other people's videos, etc. In general, these videos are simple, fun, and useful. With their help, people become interested in any movie, city, place of interest, or product.


13. Review or walkthrough of the game

These videos are becoming more and more popular among young people who like games. You can record a review of the game or the process of passing it. 

These videos can attract a certain segment of viewers. People may ask for your feedback on a game you recently received, sharing information, or how to get to the next level. 

Since this is a niche-type video, only use this concept if you are really into the subject and play well. Keep in mind that gamers ’audiences are very critical, as they are generally well aware of the features of the art.


14. Travel videos

Many of us have seen videos of different travels. To create this kind of content, take your camera on your trip and share the experience of visiting a specific country or place. To do this, there is no need to move away from home, usually, there are also interesting places nearby. 

In your video, you can tell the story of a place, with interesting information about people. People interested in these places will find your content and it will be useful for them.


15. Conversation with visual explanation

Have you ever watched a video where there are some expert boards with drawings and illustrations with his arguments? These can be video tutorials, tips, pictures, graphs, instructions using diagrams. It’s like a presentation, not just digital. 

This video tutorial is usually easy for viewers to understand. If the content is relevant and useful to the public, it will get a lot of likes and comments. 

Use what is best for your viewers for these videos. Human needs and pain points, research keyword research. Be sincere and creative. 

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